The iPhone 7 Is Here! Upgrade Today.

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iPhone 7

Time for a new phone? Follow our guide and you’ll find not just the best picks, but also discover some hot tips for getting a stellar deal.

Pick Your Price

So just how much do you need to spend to get a high-end smartphone? Probably less than you think. If you choose to buy brand new, you’ll be paying the highest price, but if you plump for a refurbished phone, you can save yourself up to 32% off the exact same model. One such example of a discounted, refurbished iPhone 7, for example, is found via a top-rated eBay seller here.

Quality Phones

If you want a top-end phone such as the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge or iPhone 6s, you can save perhaps £100 off the high-street price by buying a refurbished device. And you can find plenty of good-quality refurbished smart phones at just over the £100 mark, too.

Refurbished iPhone 5Cs come in around this price, as do classic LG G3 phones – a phone that used to cost £500.

iOS Or Android?

It’s time to choose a side. Do you want the epic apps library of an iPhone or the more customisable feel of an Android smartphone? If you’re after something completely different, you may want to check out a Microsoft Lumia phone, too. These run Windows 10 – not as popular as Android or iOS, but still neat. For Windows, Android and Linux tips and tricks, visit this blog.

You Can Save Money

iPhones are notoriously expensive but saving money by buying refurbished can help make money less of an issue. Opt for an iPhone 6s or above if you want all the latest features.

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