LED TVs have a layer of liquid crystals in front of a CCFL backlight to produce images. This is a vast improvement from the older Plasma Display Panel TVs, which have a higher energy consumption.

Two Types Of Configuration

There are two LED backlight configurations. The first type is a full array of LEDs behind the LCD. The second, more common setup, is the edge-lit configuration, where LEDs are placed in all four corners of the TV and are projected towards the middle of the screen.


OLED TVs have thousands of independently lighting pixels instead of a backlight. This means that OLED TVs can control the lighting levels and have an infinite range of contrast, creating superior picture quality.

LG’s commitment to redefining panel technology has resulted in the most innovative television for your home.

  • Organic self-emitting pixels for unprecedented contrast, colour and clarity
  • Perfect black levels create perfect life like colours
  • Fused with outstanding audio engineered by Harman/Kardon™
  • The award winning Smart TV webOS
  • Supports HDR 4K with Dolby Vision

LG OLED TV is not just a new TV, it is a whole new category of television.

55 Inch OLED Smart TV
55 Inch OLED Smart TV

This Smart TV comes in a Perfect Black colour and has webOS. The LG OLED TV has organic self-emitting pixels that create unprecedented contrast, colour and clarity.

Revolutionary Design

Due to their unique nature, the design of LG OLED TV is revolutionary, elegant and incredibly thin. It has infinite contrast with deeper darkness from self-emitting pixels, making the view picture perfect from virtually any angle.

Self-Lighting Pixel Technology

Unlike other TV’s, only OLED uses self-lighting pixel technology, delivering a standard of black and colour reproduction and with Dolby Vision achieves stunning image quality by leveraging breakthrough high dynamic range (HDR) and wide colour-gamut technologies.

What To Consider

Don’t worry about the TV’s spec sheet. They usually aren’t very helpful and you shouldn’t base your decision on it. Compare the picture quality of TVs and see if they have valuable extras, such as a Smart TV option.

Bigger is usually better. The difference in size between a 40″ TV and a 55″ TV is noticeable and if you’re willing to splash out on a TV, why not go big?

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