WowWee MiPosaur and TrackBall

If you’re looking for toys for Christmas gifts, it doesn’t get much cooler than a reactive toy dinosaur!

This particular robot dinosaur has 6 different modes, reacts to movement, works with a free app and has an interactive ball!

The MiPosaur dinosaur comes with a Trackball with ‘BeaconSense’ technology, meaning that he can sense, follow and chase the ball when it is thrown. The dinosaur will even respond to being treated nicely or badly. Don’t pull its tail or it will react as if it is annoyed!*

*Quick editor’s note: Please note that the toy requires 4x AA and 4xAAA batteries which you will need to purchase separately as they are not included with the dinosaur.

Another cool feature is that if you put the MiPosaur next to another MiPosaur the two will interact with each other. This is a pretty cool feature if you feel like getting two of these little terrors!

With built in sensors, the dinosaur reacts to hand gestures as you swipe your hand. It also has ten different commands and three different moods among several other cool features.

With the Trackball for instance, the dinosaur owner can train, tame and game with multiple game modes within the TrackBall. It features 6 different game modes whereby one can use the TrackBall to: Take MiPosaur for a walk, play dino-in-the-middle, play fetch, feed MiPosaur, dance & beat-box!

Checkout the seller’s page for more info before making a purchase!

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