Ever wished you had an HD camcorder? Everybody seems to have one and I’m feeling kinda jealous. There are hundreds of HDTV camcorders out there and now that Christmas is drawing closer, there appears to be quite a few deals on cameras and camcorders.

It’s simple, right?

It’s settled then. You’re going to buy a camcorder and it’s time to take the next step; finding the right camcorder for you.

As with most modern tech, there are plenty of options and aspects to consider. Do you want to record onto a tape, hard drive or maybe a memory card or Blu-ray disc?

What to consider

Picture quality

HD camcorders vary in their picture quality. There are three aspects that should be considered when comparing camcorders. These are: spatial resolution – the number of pixels used by the camcorder, pixels -the actual picture element itself, the smallest area of colour in the picture and chromatic resolution – the number of colours the camcorder is capable of showing. These three elements each affect overall picture quality.

Know your intentions

If you’re just going to film here and there for your own pleasure, you might want a decent, good value camcorder. However, if you are looking for something a bit more professional, you might want to trawl eBay for something like this.

Be realistic

Camcorders vary in price and quality. If you aren’t so serious about getting a camcorder, you can get away with spending around £50-£60. However, if you are really going to commit to this and shoot film regularly, it would probably be worth spending a bit more for that extra picture quality.