JJRC H36 – 2.4GHz, 4CH, 6 Axis Gyro, RC Quadcopter

If you like the idea of owning a mini drone, the JJRC H36 is a great little product to check out!

This nippy little blue and black quadricopter is easy to fly, durable, stylish and most of all incredibly fun to fly. This popular little drone has four propulsion-creating rotors which are well protected by a plastic frame. The outer shell of the drone is ABS plastic which is surprisingly sturdy for a low-priced drone and when you eventually crash the thing (and believe me, everyone crashes eventually!) you will be surprised by how well the drone holds up to collisions.

The controls are designed quite well, clearly with novice drone pilots in mind. In essence, even though the controls will inevitably take some getting used to, they are pretty easy to master, even if you are new to mini quadricopters.

Nice Protected Propulsion

As for distances, the control range of the drone is about 30 metres, so it’s long enough to have a fun and fulfilling flight but at the same time, not such a huge range that could lead to you losing the drone behind some distant tree somewhere!

The drone’s Li-polymer battery takes about 30-50 minutes to charge and with that, you get about 5 minutes of flying time, which frankly isn’t half bad for a drone of such small size.

*Editors note: If you want to extend your flying time, we recommend buying a second battery and then you can double your flight time by switching batteries once the first one runs out.

The nippy little whizzer also contains colourful vibrant LEDs which makes the drone light up and helps to prevent you from accidentally losing sight of the drone in dim light. Also, more generally, the lights can help to keep the drone in clear view and help you to stick to your intended flight path.

Handy Little Controller

In terms of finer technical details, the drone is a stylish blue and black colour with a unique aerodynamic look to it. The drone possesses somewhat of a futuristic, alien look to it, which helps to add some real character to the product, almost as if it’s a living creature a bit like some other controllable / reactive toys.

The wireless remote control requires AA batteries and the size dimensions of the drone are 3.27 in x 3.27 in x 1.18 in (8.3 cm x 8.3 cm x 3 cm). It weighs around 0.78 oz (22 g) and the drone also comes with four spare blades, a USB cable and an English language user manual (which may be useful at first to learn the controls).

Overall, this drone is fast, durable, cheap, fun to fly and significantly, small enough to carry around. For the price, a pretty fun toy with lots of great features!

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