Original Xiaomi Mi Band 1S Pulse Tracking Wristband (IP67 waterproof, Bluetooth 4.0 and LED Light) for Android & iOS

Checkout this hot selling Xiaomi Mi Band 1S pulse monitoring wristband! The wristband has been manufactured by a China-based seller and it is by far one of the cheapest heart rate monitoring wristbands out there. It is certainly cheap but that’s not to say it’s bad quality!

Many health and fitness studies have shown that a raised heart rate generally leads to a faster rate of fat loss when exercising. As a result, this innovative device will help to motivate you to track your heart rate and try and keep an elevated heart rate when out exercising!

The band will detect and record your motion in terms of number of steps, distance and calories, so it really is perfect for someone trying to track their fitness activity whilst following a well designed health and fitness plan.

Pulse Monitoring Wristband
Device Features

HEART RATE MONITOR: The band monitors your heart rate as it has an optical heart rate sensor which shows you your heart rate with a PPG (photoplethysmogram) reading, which essentially provides you with an intuitive, clear reading of your heart rate.

CALL NOTIFICATIONS: The Xiaomi Mi Band 1S, via its Bluetooth connection, will notify you when you receive a phone call, so you won’t need to worry about missing any more important calls when you’re out exercising!

LONG STANDBY TIME: The wristband possesses an advanced Bluetooth chip and a powerful battery which provides an ultra-long 30 day standby time from a full charge!

SPORTS TRACKING: The band lets you track your sports, record the distance covered, steps walked and approximate number of calories burned. As such, the band will help greatly with helping you to track and achieve your sports targets!

‘Does what it says on the tin’
More Device Features

SLEEP MONITORING: The band helps you track periods of deep sleep and shallow sleep. Also, the phone app will help you to develop good sleeping habits by providing you with regular evaluations.

SMART UNLOCK FEATURE: Intuitive in-built technology allows the band to unlock your phone without the need for a password. By raising your wrist up, so that the band is close to your phone, the band can unlock your phone swiftly and securely without having to enter a password!

SILENT ALARM: The Xiaomi Mi Band 1S has a silent vibrating alarm that once set, can wake you up in the morning, or simply remind you of your important events by vibrating on your wrist.

Looks pretty stylish
Technical details

The seller is (at least at this moment, 7.12.16) offering a one year warranty on this item and FREE international shipping, so this provides some nice extra value with this product.

The supported phone app is called “Mi Fit” and it is downloadable on both android and iOS devices. This app is great for tracking fitness goals such as walking and running, so right now might also be a good time to invest in some new walking shoes!

The device is listed as having an IP67 waterproof rating (which incidentally, is the same rating as the new iphone 7). This rating means that the band is completely protected from dust, and it should also be able to withstand being submerged 1m underwater (roughly 3.3 feet) in static water for up to 30 mins. This will come in handy for those rainy runs!

The band is comfortable to wear and it is shipped in black colour with a nice little LED light (which is a nice touch). The band possesses Bluetooth 4.0, and the device is powered by a powerful 45mAh polymer lithium battery.

The casing of the main part of the band is made of a fairly durable Magnesium-aluminum alloy, so the band should survive a bit of wear and tear when exercising. Overall, the band is cheap in price and ‘does what it says on the tin!’

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