‘Ride The Lightning’ (Deluxe Boxset) Metallica – 4LPs, 6CDs & 1 DVD

What’s in the box?

Calling all metal fans! Check out this highly-rated luxury Metallica Boxset!

This magnificent Metallica boxset includes 4 LPs, 6 CDs, 1 DVD with book, a mini book with handwritten lyrics, and a poster set which includes three posters from Metallica’s 1984 European tour.

Ride the Lightning displays Metallica’s impressive and undeniably successful attempt to expand their compositional technique and range of expression in their music at the time.

The lyrics push into new territory with a considerable new focus on the personal, perhaps more socially conscious approach that the band began to adopt at the time. Some commentators have commented that Metallica focussed less on mere ‘metal posturing’ and started to get deeper and realer with their music.

Every track seems like Metallica tries something new and the album was essentially a very impressive and ambitious sophomore effort merely about a year after their European tour.

Top Quality Product (physically and musically)
The Details

This deluxe product is brand new and in top condition. The Record Label is Rhino/Blackened Recordings and the boxset was originally released on April 15, 2016.

With 11 discs and several hours of raw Metallica classics and content, this beautifully presented set is a great addition to any metal collection. Also, more generally, it is worth pointing out that when one is thinking of purchasing music or books, often a collection is more cost effective than buying products individually.

From classic songs such as ‘Fight Fire With Fire’, ‘Trapped Under Ice’, ‘No Remorse’, ‘Creeping Death’ and ‘Blitzkrieg’ among countless others, this collection is a boon for any serious metal fans out there!

The boxset includes countless classics
The Rundown

The box set includes the original “Creeping Death” picture disc, and it also includes the album remastered. It also includes various outtakes, demo versions and fascinating live material that most fans will likely never have seen or heard!

A small booklet included in the boxset, has pictures of original lyric sheets from the band, and there are also many rare photos that help to provide a deeper perspective into the life of the band at the time.

Some of the content includes commentaries from the band’s closest associates at the time and it helps gives a behind-the-scenes insight into the band as it was gradually rising out of the extreme metal scene and into the mainstream.

Only 30,000 if these boxsets were ever made, so if you are a hardcore Metallica fan or a just a regular metal fan who wants to own a priceless piece of history, this luxury boxset is for you. Not to mention, for the metal fans out their, the music itself is superb and the boxset truly is a piece of metal history!

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