Enthusiasm and skill

We are new, born recently in fact and we’re proud of it. Proud that we are a team of skilled and enthusiastic individuals with over 13 years’ experience in the online fashion industry who wanted to make a big bang in the online fashion scene.

Something was missing

We saw something was missing, and we saw what needed to be done. We put our heads together and was born. In a way, I guess you can say we created magic.

Highly experienced professionals

NA-KD are a team of highly experienced professionals who live and breathe online fashion and social media with a global outlook. With over 13 years’ experience in e-commerce, fashion design, styling, production, marketing and social media; we know our stuff. And we’re doing it all for you, the customer.

Broad range of unique products

Our aim is to become a leading player of the global e-commerce market for clothing, footwear, accessories and lifestyle products by offering a range of products that is broad, unique and in-tune with the latest fashions in an entertaining and engaging manner.

The best in fashion

NA-KD brings you the best in fashion from around the world. NA-KD stocks new arrivals everyday and offers free worldwide shipping. Stocking over 100 international brands including Aeryne Paris, Amuse Society, Calvin Klein, For Love and Lemons, Ray-Ban, Cheap Monday, Dagmar, Delacy, Just Female, Motel Rocks, Naanaa, Nookie, Quay Australia, Samsoe and Samsoe, Saylor and their own NA-KD brand, there is something for everyone.

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