Quality Street Chocolate *Favourite Flavours* in Tub

Ah yes, who doesn’t love some good quality, Quality Street chocolate?! And what could be better than a large tub of Quality Street? *Scratches head* A large tub filled with just your FAVOURITE FLAVOUR of Quality Street of course!

Available right now, on eBay, Quality Street has been a British family favourite for years. For those not in the know, Quality Street is a very popular, well known and loved selection of toffees, chocolates and sweets, produced by Nestlé. Quality Street was actually first made in Halifax, West Yorkshire in England in the year 1936. It is a much loved brand of chocolate treats perfect for the whole family and it has been one of Britain’s favourite twist wrapped assortments for over 75 years! Nestlé Quality Street chocolates are imported to over 50 countries worldwide and Quality Street remains to this day, one of the world’s most popular boxed chocolates.

In the run up to Christmas, it’s never to late to grab yourself some top quality chocolate treats!


As for this particular hot selling product, each tub originally came with all 12 flavours of Quality Street treats but each tub has been decanted and refilled with just one type of flavour, aka your favourite flavour as chosen by you, the buyer! Essentially, you chose your favourite flavour and then you get a normal Quality Street tub filled with just your favourite flavour only!

*Editor’s note: As each tub has been emptied and then re-filled with just one flavour of treat, please note that the product information such as ingredients, nutritional info etc will likely differ on the back of the tub.

For those, unfamiliar with the delicious chocolate treats that are Quality Street, the twelve current Quality Street flavours (subject to seller availability) are as follows:

Orange Cream: Dark chocolate covering a white, orange flavored interior.

The Green Triangle: This is a hazelnut noisette, which comes in a distinctive triangular shape.

The Purple One: This is a hazelnut in runny caramel, wrapped in chocolate (originally it was a brazil nut, hence the shape).

Strawberry Delight: Chocolate filled with strawberry cream.

Orange Chocolate Crunch: Little pieces of crystallized orange in chocolate.

Coconut Éclair: If you like coconut then this is the one for you.

Vanilla Fudge: Chocolate coated vanilla fudge.

Honeycomb Crunch: A truffle infused with crunchy honeycomb pieces, covered by a solid chocolate coating.

Milk Choc Block: This is a block of tasty chocolate.

Caramel Swirl: A circular milk chocolate with a liquid caramel centre.

Toffee Finger: A long, thin sweet; like a little finger. It is solid toffee wrapped in a layer of milk chocolate.

Toffee Penny: An original Mackintosh’s toffee the size of an old fashioned English penny (hence the name).

Gotta love ‘The Purple One’

Quality Street treats contain no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and the delicious chocolate that covers the sweets is made using UTZ Certified sustainable cocoa beans. The sweets have a best before date of July 2017 and they are also suitable for vegetarians.

Just for a fun fact, taken from the Quality Street website;  15 million tins of Quality Street were sold in 2010. This means that if the sweets were put in a long line, each sweet placed end to end, this would actually be enough sweets to stretch all the way to the moon and back! I guess this goes to show that there certainly are quite a few hungry chocolate lovers about aren’t there?!

Overall, the bottom line is that Quality Street treats are delicious. Pick your favourite flavour (IMHO, it’s all about ‘The Purple One’) and ENJOY!

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