LEGO Nexo Knights ‘Jestro’s Volcano Lair’ Construction Set


The Volcano Lair

Sometimes I wish I was a kid again! LEGO makes some great toy construction kits and the LEGO Nexo Knights ‘Jestro’s Volcano Lair’ is no exception. Welcome to Knighton and the Nexo Knights, where a new adventure awaits!

With this vibrant and colourful construction kit, the features are both immensely fun, numerous and cleverly designed. This is Jestro’s secret lair and the defences are certainly formidable! Only the most wiley and toughened knights could hope to defeat Jester in this bastion! Enter his hideaway if you dare and capture the Book of Monsters!

Jestro himself often relaxes in the living quarters deep inside his hidden Lair. Enter the castle and catch his army by surprise as he is relaxing! Just beware that he doesn’t manage to escape on his detachable throne before you reach him. Nothing like a good bit of excitement to keep a child happy for hours!


Now that’s a proper set
The Details

This hot selling LEGO kit includes 10 mini-figures: Jestro, the bookkeeper, Lavaria, two scurriers, two ash attackers, AXL, Lance Richmond and Macy Halbert.

This beautifully designed villain’s lair can be turned around to reveal detailed living quarters. Included in the living quarters is a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, weapon room and even a prison!

This set is more of the ‘bad guys’ kind of set, and the chosen design perfectly suits the theme of a ‘hidden lair’ for mischievous denizens! The set comes with several ‘villain’ and ‘hero’ type characters, as well as two vehicles.

The Volcano Lair possesses a seated disc-shooter weapon, a detachable throne and a trapdoor which leads into a spinning lava mouth. Furthermore, this wondrous construction set includes a stairwell with a spinning saw blade, which is designed to try and stop the enemy knights climbing the stairs. Another cool point is that the Mace Slammer possesses a ball shooter and it also has 2 flick missiles! Exciting stuff!

Heroes vs Villains: It’s showtime!
The Rundown

Just on an interesting fun fact, LEGO, which originally began manufacturing the now famous interlocking toy bricks (via The Lego Group) in 1949, has gradually now reached new pinnacles of success. In February 2015, Lego actually replaced Ferrari as Brand Finance’s “world’s most powerful brand.” To nudge Ferrari to the side, is certainly an achievement not to be sniffed at!

In terms of the set itself, Jestro’s Volcano Lair is an exciting set which will provide countless hours of entertainment for children and older LEGO fans alike. Building the set alone, will provide hours of fun as it will take a significant amount of time and effort to build such a large set.

The set is quite a large one (with 1186 pieces) and it has lots of features to add extra excitement and longevity to the kit. Please note, that due to small pieces, the set is not suitable for children under the age of three. Ages 9-14 is the recommended age group, although many LEGO fans are a LOT older! It should also be noted, that this set compliments any other sets that you may own from the LEGO ‘castle series.’

In terms of the overall design of the kit, the front of the lair is, as would be expected, rather fearsome looking as its reinforced defences help to defend the lair from enemy attacks. Behind the multiple layers of defences, however, the protected living area also entertains with it’s fun features. Also, the colourful lava flows on outer the walls of the lair also add a nice touch to the base as it really feels like an immensely characterful hidden lair buried into the side of a volcano! Overall, a large, feature-rich exciting kit!

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