The Perfect Tee by Levi’s

The Perfect Tee by Levi’s is just that! This super soft tee shirt has the legendary Levi’s logo on the front and is the perfect addition to a pair of denim jeans or shorts.

Simple Yet Stylish

A simple, casual and stylish tee shirt is usually difficult to find. Designers are under immense pressure to create simple yet stylish designs that compete with other brands and complex tee designs.


The difficulty with designing the perfect tee is that people have their own, subjective interpretation of perfection. Some people prefer loose-fitting shirts, whereas others may prefer a tight fitting tee. Similarly, the material, length and overall look of the shirt are all factors that have to be considered when creating the perfect tee shirt.

Small Details

While it may seem like a simple task to stitch together some fabric to make a shirt, it is surprisingly complicated. The fact that there are less elements to consider than say, a ball gown, means that the small details of the shirt draw more attention to the overall design and ultimately, the ultimate impression of the shirt.

The Perfect Tee
Product details:
  • 100% Cotton
  • The model is 170 cm and she is wearing size x-small (EU 34, UK 6, US 2)
  • This product is true to size
Fashion Statement

Tee shirts are no longer just a simple item to be worn under other clothes, they have become a fashion statement to be proudly worn by anyone and everyone everywhere. The Perfect Tee by Levi’s is what it claims to be, the perfect tee.

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