Jelly Belly Bean Boozled Spinner Set – 3rd Edition Candy with Board Game Gift Box

Spinner Set?

Check out these super hot selling Jelly beans! The Jelly Belly Bean Boozled Spinner Set is one of the most popular and humorous sweets from the Jelly Belly brand. In many ways, this gift box is both a treat and a punishment at the same time!

The jelly beans come with a fun spinner and board game gift box. When playing the game, the player needs to spin the spinner. After that, the player needs to eat the corresponding jelly bean that is shown by the picture. This is the point when one might end up getting bamboozled (or Beanboozled) by a crazy flavour! Will you end up with a delicious tasting jelly bean such as Lime, Berry Blue or Peach? Or, will you end up with an absolutely disgusting (and make no mistake, I mean disgusting) jelly bean such as Skunk Smell, Stinky Socks  or Vomit?!

Yes, that’s right. I said Vomit. Some other absolutely foul flavors include Pencil Shavings, Toothpaste and (perhaps the worst) Rotten Eggs! It’s always nice to have a little treat now and then but be warned, due to the crazy jelly bean flavours, this game is only for the BRAVE!

Jelly Belly?

Jelly Belly, or rather the ‘Jelly Belly Candy Company’, formerly known as ‘Herman Goelitz Candy Company’, is a highly respected sweet manufacturer that has an impressive history going back (in various forms) over one hundred years!

In around 1913, Herman Goelitz, the son of Gustav Goelitz (the man who originally started off their candy business concept in 1869) moved to the West Coast of the United States to start his own business venture. In 1924, Herman formally settled his new company in Oakland, California and much later on in 1960 (after many years of producing various sweets and products) the company expanded its product line to include jelly beans.

The company created a Mini Jelly Bean product which eventually proved to be quite the winner. Over time (and skipping over a lot of historical events within the company) various important players such Herman Rowland, candy and nut distributor David Klein, and product developer and plant manager Marinus van Dam, worked hard to evolve the jelly bean concept. By 1976, the Mini Jelly Bean was superceded by the ‘Jelly Belly jelly beans’ (lol) which gradually proved to be immensely popular.

In fact, the company’s jelly beans became so popular that in 1980, the public became aware that the US President at the time, President Ronald Reagan, had a preference for Jelly Belly jelly beans! The company was delighted to supply President Reagan with Jelly Belly jelly beans during his eight years of presidency, and these days, Jelly Belly is now an immensely successful company with more than 100 different confections now in production.

Fun game! Just don’t pick up Vomit.
Bean me up Scotty

The sweets in the Jelly Belly Bean Boozled Spinner Set are Gelatine free, the net weight of the product is 100g and the shipping weight is 155g. There are 20 different flavours of beans in this product but as the beans are randomly assorted, there is a chance that not all flavours are included in the packet (sadly).

This is a truly weird and wild hot selling product and it has truly crazy flavours, which are suprisingly (and disturbingly) accurate to the name of the flavour! (Just hope that you don’t pick up Stinky Socks). The Spinner and game included with the beans, add a whole new social aspect to the sweets, and the gift box is perfect to play with friends or family.

Enjoy one bean at a time, or if you’re brave enough, eat several flavours together for a gourmet (or disgusting) treat! This is a particularly fun little game to play as a kids party game, or just with family or friends in general. The reaction a family member will likely have from eating a Vomit flavoured bean will certainly be a candidate for family home video of the year!

On a funny final note, US President Reagan actually made Jelly Belly beans, the first jelly beans to have ever been sent into space! This occurred when President Reagan sent the now infamous jelly beans on the Space Shuttle Challenger during the 1983 STS-7 mission, which we’re told, gave the astronauts a nice surprise. How’s that for a quirky bit of history? SPACE beans!

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