6′ x 4′ FORZA Football Goal With Essential Locking System – Weather Resistant

It’s footy time!

Available via Amazon here, the FORZA Football Goal, made by the world renowned Net World Sports, is a great investment for aspiring footballers everywhere!

This best selling product is made with durable High Impact 68mm uPVC tubes, and both the frame and high quality goal net are designed to withstand all weather conditions.

The product is designed for use mainly in gardens and outdoor pitches, and as it is fully portable, it is perfect for use during weekend footy matches!

Ready. Aim. Shoot!
Weather Resistant

As the goal is designed to withstand all weather conditions, the goal won’t go brittle in hot or cold weather, and there won’t be any rotting parts in long-term wet or damp conditions. The goal also possesses u-pegs, so it will stand up well against the wind.

The fact that the FORZA Football Goal is weather resistant and can thus be left out all year round in all weather, gives this product an advantage over much of the competition. This is due to the fact that many other brands’ products cannot be left out long-term in wet weather.

The goal includes an essential Locking System, which means that the goal is very tough and sturdy. The Locking System, fundamentally, is an effective and sturdy mechanism which increases goal rigidity and stability and thus helps the goal to stay strong under High Impact stresses (such as aspiring Cristiano Ronaldos). Whether you in fact prefer just to train indoors or outdoors, this goal is a portable, well-made and reliable training tool.

The Rundown

The FORZA Football Goal should last many years but nevertheless, in the unlikely event that the goal gets damaged, the manufacturer of this item does sell replacement parts. This is useful because if the goal somehow gets damaged during heavy training, you won’t need to purchase a whole new goal just to fix minor damage. For piece of mind also, a one year warranty is included with the purchase.

The size of the goal is 6ft x 4ft (1.82m x 1.22m) with a depth of 3.1ft (0.9m) and the set includes frame, locking system, clips, net and ground pegs (and thus, everything required to set the goal up!). Also, the boxed product weight is about 17 Kg and the box is 112cm x36 cm in size.

Should you wish to purchase a few extras with this purchase, the manufacturer also sells a carry bag for ease of transport, as well as other useful complimentary items.

Currently on sale at Amazon with a varying price range of $84.99 – $116.99, the FORZA Football Goal is pretty easy to assemble (taking about five minutes to put up or take down), and the essential locking system and all weather resistance make this product a practical, fun and convenient training tool!

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