NEOpine Water Sports Diving Mask – Compatible With GoPro Hero, SJCAM & Xiaomi Xiaoyi Cameras

Fancy a dive?

The new NEOpine Water Sports Diving Mask is a water-tight diving mask which has been developed with a unique ergonomic design to fit comfortably and seamlessly onto the human face.

When tightened properly onto the diver’s face, the diver will not get any water leakage and thus, no hazardous water inhalation.

The diving mask is simple to use and it has a luxurious wide viewing area (virtually a full forward facing 180 degrees).

GoPro not included (sorry!)

This stylish swimming accessory possesses innovative Dry Snorkel Technology which virtually eliminates the entry of water into the diver’s mask. Furthermore, it does this without sacrificing athletic performance underwater.

This well-designed swimming accessory also possesses a secure mount for mounting an underwater video camera. The mask is compatible with various waterproof cameras, namely the GoPro Hero, the SJCAM, and the Xiaomi Xiaoyi Camera.

It is worth pointing out that in this modern day and age, millions of people across the globe still haven’t learnt how to swim, let alone dive. Often, however, when people invest a little money in a new useful sporting accessory, the purchase alone can often inspire people to take action and launch themselves eagerly into a whole new exciting hobby or activity.


With the inclusion of the camera mount, the NEOpine Water Sports Diving Mask allows the diver to have is his or her hands free to swim and explore! This aspect of the mask makes filming underwater adventures practically effortless.

*Editor’s note: To create an air tight seal, the mask needs to be tightened very securely, and thus, if you have a thick beard or long hair hanging over your forehead, this may interfere with creating a watertight seal. Test carefully!

The Rundown

This sleek looking product has been designed with the following features: Dual Airflow, Dry Top System, Anti-fog Channel, Camera Mount, Elastic Fabric Head Strap, Drainage Valves, and a Tough Protective ‘Vandal-proof’ Polycarbonate Viewing Visor.

In more detail:

Dry Top System – When in water, the top valve auto closes to prevent water inflow (which could be hazardous!).

Elastic Fabric Head Strap – The mask is comfortable and easy to wear, and hair doesn’t get tangled easily.

Super Wide ‘Vandal-proof’ Protective Visor – virtual 180 degree wide angle frontal view, tough polycarbonate visor provides safer performance.

Dual Airflow Anti-fog Channel – Ventilating fan design with anti-fog feature, and thus the ability to breathe freely without having to chew up the breathing tube!

Drainage Valves – If somehow water does get into the mask, the diver can raise his or her head out of the water and use the drainage valves to drain out the water.

Overall, for the price it’s not a bad diving mask. There are of course serious competitors out there in this particular, specialist sporting niche, yet this mask certainly has all the main features an aspiring diver would require; It’s water tight, comfortable, it possesses a camera mount to help you capture all of your underwater adventures, and it is also well ventilated for safe and easy breathing… You just might want to give the thick beard a miss!