The BEST of BRITISH Board Game

The BEST of BRITISH is a trending, hot selling board game for all the family. The theme of the game is essentially, ‘what makes Britain great?’

If you are not British, or you are not particularly familiar with British culture and history, you will likely still learn to love the game. It should be noted, however (at the risk of generalisation!) that the dry humour and odd peculiarities that typify the British mindset, may take some getting used to!

The BEST of BRITISH is from the ‘Logo’ family of games, and the game is a hilarious picture driven question-based board game. The game centres around the quaint, quirky humour of everyday British life, from fish and chips to lolly-pop ladies, conkers and bus stop queues!

The game has a wide range of interesting Brit-related general knowledge questions, and it is certainly an enjoyable family game to pass the time on a lazy weekend.

Gotta love British dry humour

Some of the questions are focussed more towards older participants (as they are historical in nature) so it is a probably a good idea to mix up the teams fairly in terms of age (eg mixed adult and child teams).

Moving the game pieces around the board also results in some additional challenges and set backs during the game, so this adds a lot to the competitive game element to the quiz!

The game is a lot harder to play with only two people (unless you happen to be a real clever clogs!) so it is preferable to play the game as a team game with more than two players. Answering tricky questions on your own, can be quite the challenge!

In someways, the game is also useful as a casual learning tool. Even native Brits may learn a fair bit about the UK and British life that they were not hitherto aware of before!

As touched upon already, The BEST of BRITISH contains both historical and modern trivia, so the game will be great for those playing with teams of mixed age groups. Also, as the game does not take too long to play (about 30 minutes) younger players are less likely to get bored.

The game includes 400 cards and a whopping 2,400 questions(!) and it is designed to be played by 2 – 6 players. The game contains 6 playing pieces and instructions are included in the set. Not bad for a lazy afternoon!

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