Original K6 “Jubilee Kiosk” Red Telephone Box – (Grade I level Restored)

A Piece Of History

If there’s one thing British culture certainly is NOT… is bland. From uniquely quirky dry British humour, to subtle, reserved, genuine politeness and humble social intelligence (mostly!) the culture of the United Kingdom / Britain / GREAT BRITAIN and her people – is generally one of a rich, respected, complex and evolving culture.

Due in part to its long and complex history, prominent and influential politicians and significant socio-economic standing in the world, poor old ‘Blighty’ does occasionally get a bit of a bashing in the media from time to time. Be it due to complaints about historical Empire-era grievances (wrongly or rightly), modern day social issues, political Brexit wrangling or controversial foreign policy decisions, Britain as a world-leading nation just keeps on being up there, up at the forefront of world news and global social discourse.

As with every country, Britain is a nation that has its share of faults and imperfections (if I do say so myself), yet despite its weaker points, it is certainly a great nation with a great people. A proud nation steeped in history, culture, civilisation, and world-changing technological advancement.

And, if there is ever something that could be typified as stereotypically, iconically and unapologetically British, that would be the beloved RED TELEPHONE BOX.

A Dying Relic

These beautiful, dying relics of a gradually-bygone era are steeped in history, character and uniquely British class. And now, you yourself, have the chance to own one yourself!

The K6 “Jubilee Kiosk” Red Telephone Box was designed by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott and it was commissioned to commemorate the Silver Jubilee of King George V. First appearing on British streets in 1936, it became the first standard kiosk to be introduced nation-wide.

This is a unique item which could act as a beautiful centrepiece furnishing for your living room, or even just as an exquisite item for your budding antique collection.

In this day and age of mobile phones and web-based messaging and social media, the poor, old, beloved but antiquated red telephone box is gradually (and sadly) on the decline in Britain.

According to the website UPI.com, not too long ago, British Telecom informed the British news tabloid – The Daily Mirror – that the volume of calls from public pay phones dropped by almost half in three years. Furthermore, of its 70,000 public phone boxes, 60 percent of them lose money overall!

“Phone boxes are a dying breed,” a spokesman told the newspaper.

In light of these facts, it is probably fair to conclude that the age of the beautiful, red, British phone box is fast running out.

Tragic inevitabilities aside, now is the chance to grab yourself a genuine piece of history. Who knows, in 20 or 30 years time, when red telephone boxes may be harder to find than a polar bear in a snowstorm, then your pristine K6 “Jubilee Kiosk” Red Telephone Box may one day be worth a fortune!

If you ever want to re-sell the telephone box, it is a good idea to keep this iconic antique stored well in a clean, dry, well-ventilated, low humidity room with high air quality and low dust levels.

The phone box on offer with this purchase is the ‘K6’ version of the telephone box (the range historically goes from the K1 – K8, as well as the newer KX series) and the item is in great condition.

The Rundown

The seller of this item has patiently and arduously tracked down many an abandoned, rusty, broken phone box and painstakingly restored them with hard work, loving care and attention to detail.

This K6 “Jubilee Kiosk” has been renovated to GRADE I restoration level, a time-consuming work process which entailed:

  • Kiosk stripped out of glass and remaining fittings
  • Blasted back to bare metal
  • De-greased
  • Painted with 1 coat of red oxide primer and at least 3 coats of red BS538 enamel
  • Re-glazed with 6.5mm safety glass (no internal glazing frames)
  • Hand screen-printed TELEPHONE transoms in 6.5mm safety glass
  • PUSH/PULL safety glass panel
  • Restored hinges and door pull handle
  • 1-piece black wallboard
  • Golden crowns

In this modern day and age, the iconic red telephone boxes are protected by the Department of the Environment (and British Heritage) and some of these ancient monuments have even been bestowed with the status of “Grade II Listed Building,” thus ensuring their survival for the enjoyment of future generations.

It is also worth noting, that the seller of this hot trending product is well versed in sending such items worldwide, should you wish to purchase the phone box from abroad. As a piece of timeless British history, this phone box would do well as a cherished collectible!

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