Himalayan Pink Salt Rock Crystal Lamp

This Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt Lamp is made is 24cm tall and weighs 4-7kg. It has a wooden base, 15W bulb and certified UK standard 3 pin UK plug. The colour of the lamp ranges from light to dark pink and orange to an orangey red.

What is a  Himalayan Salt lamp?

A Himalayan Salt Lamp is an artistic conversion of Himalayan rock salt into a beautiful lamp. The soft, coloured glow of this lamp makes it perfect for mood lighting or as a night light.

Although not as effective as an air purifier, salt lamps are said to produce negative ions by attracting moisture from the air to the lamp’s surface. The heat of the lamp would cause moisture to evaporate, disrupting the positive charge of particles in the air, supposedly making it cleaner and easier to breath.

Feel Calmer

Even if this isn’t the case, there are hundreds of reviews out there claiming that the gorgeous warm glow of Himalayan Salt Lamps makes people feel calmer, more at peace and are simply a pleasure to look at.

There’s no doubt as to why this product is one of the top selling items currently on eBay!

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