Fruit Infuser Water Bottle (900ml) – BPA-Free Durable Tritan Plastic

Fruity Hydration

Check out this best selling Fruit Infuser Water Bottle! This is a large, 900ml bottle designed to allow you to easily and conveniently mix your fruit with your water for added taste.

The bottle possesses an innovative, removable ‘infuser basket’ which allows you to place pieces of fruit (ideally sliced) inside of it. Subsequently, the fruit will mix and infuse with the water, giving you a nice touch of flavouring to your water – all naturally!

As the bottle is a refreshingly large size, you won’t have to worry about running out of water too quickly. Also, quenching your thirst with nutritious, natural fruit-sweetened water will provide a much healthier alternative to sugary, processed fizzy drinks.

Impressively, you can also feel good about your purchase as 10% percent of the profits made from your purchase go to a water charity which helps needy people in Africa to get the hydration they need. Not bad for an ethical selling point!

Slimming aid?

The Fruit Infuser Water Bottle possesses a Silicon stopper and metal clasp design, which ensures that the bottle is both durable and 100% leak-proof (which is good to know when the bottle is jumping around in your rucksack). This hot selling product possesses ergonomic bottle grips on both sides, and it also has a robust carrying handle which is great for being on the go.

As the infuser basket is removable, you can also just use the bottle as a plain water bottle should you ever wish to skip the fruit. Alternatively, if you do use fruit and you want to make your fruit last longer, you can always refill the bottle with the same piece of fruit. The flavour may not be quite as strong the second time round but you will still be able to taste the fruit flavour quite well.

Interestingly, if slimming down happens to be one of your current goals, many studies have concluded that increasing water intake can help when trying to lose weight. Essentially, the extra water helps to satiate your stomach and temporarily trick your mind into thinking you are more full than you really are. *Supposedly!*

In a nut-shell, if slimming happens to be a personal goal of yours, whether you use this water bottle or another one – drink more water! This may just help you if you end up craving that dastardly little extra treat that you are trying so desperately to avoid! Moreover, more generally, it’s always good for the body to have a refreshing drink regularly throughout the day, as many people forget to drink enough and stay hydrated.

Innovative Design
The Rundown

The manufacturer of this premium infuser bottle only uses high quality materials, such as the finest BPA-Free Tritan plastic (BPA stands for Bisphenol-A, an estrogen-imitating chemical used to produce plastic reusable products). And thus, this product contains no BPAs which some researchers have claimed can lead to negative effects on health. This same focus on safety, sadly, cannot be said for all other water bottles out there.

As the bottle is large, it holds a fair amount of fruit for more flavour and the bottle contains only four component parts, which makes cleaning simpler. Also, included with any purchase, is a free Fruit Infuser Starter eBook, which contains some nice recipes.

Some user reviews around the net have claimed that the bottle is a tad too bulky, however, as this bottle has a large infusion basket, this is perhaps an acceptable price to pay as a compromise. There is after all, only so much fruit that would be able to fit in a smaller bottle.

The bottle itself is pretty sturdy and you will get a stronger flavour if you crush the fruit first. In many ways, the flavour should help you to not get bored of sipping plain water, and thus maybe motivate you to not buy unhealthier, artificial alternatives.

It should also be noted, that the seller of this item is also currently offering a RISK FREE 90 day 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee to buyers of this product. Essentially, this provides a nice piece of mind should you decide to purchase this product.

Overall, their are cheaper bottles out there, but none currently with such a unique, reliable infusion design. Pretty innovative!

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