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Battlezone – The Father Of VR

Experience The Power Of PlayStation VR

Experience the amazing power of PlayStation VR in Battlezone, available at Amazon, as you are strapped into the seat of a Cobra tank, one of the most powerful vehicles in the galaxy.

Defend The Planet!

Set in the maelstrom of a distant-future, wartorn Earth, you will come up against tanks, turrets, drones and mechanical swarms as you fight for the survival of the planet.

Cobras in action
Fight Ever-Changing Battles

Battles are constantly changing as objectives are procedurally-generated objectives and combat scenarios are constantly redefined. The VR aspect gives you unparalleled tactical awareness.

Blast Your Way To Victory

You can quickly scan your surroundings, assess the situation and take action based on your observation. The vast selection of powerful weaponry and power-ups at your disposal will enable you to blast your way to victory.

Get some!
Learn To Adapt

The more you play the game, tanks, weapons and special equipment will be unlocked. Be careful though, as you will need to constantly upgrade your skills and equipment to effectively match your enemies!

Take Down The Corporation Now!

You can take on enemies alone or combine forces with up to three other players to successfully take down the Corporation. The choice is yours…

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