It’s sparkle time!

Wellies & Champagne

With Christmas fast approaching it’s hard not to notice all the shops filling with sparkle and glitter. If, like me, you’re a bit of a magpie drawn towards sparkle, you will no doubt have quite a few items already twinkling in your wardrobe.

img_3454 Image via Pinterest

I’m a firm believer that sequins and glitter aren’t just for Christmas or the hours after dark. I like nothing more than adding a little bit of sparkle to my daily wardrobe wherever possible. Mixing it up with everyday pieces can give your wardrobe a whole new feel. It might be some subtle sparkle in the form of a glittery belt or more overtly twinkly like my current favourite ‘gorgeous glitter heels’ (that’s the actual name Topshop have given them by the way … and I couldn’t have named them better myself!) . Glittery heels or flats worn with denim throughout the day is…

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