Space Wars Electronic LightSaber – with Light & Sound

Practice Makes Perfect

So, you want to become a combat MASTER, huh? What makes you think you’re skilled enough, huh?!

Ok, ok, I digress… So, what exactly is a LightSaber?

Whilst exact definitions often vary, generally speaking, a LightSaber is in effect a powerful laser sword, and essentially, an exquisite weapon of pure destruction! Furthermore, it is a weapon that requires great skill to be able to handle correctly and effectively. To be blunt, any old fool can pick one up, but only those destined for true greatness can possibly hope to master the use of such a legendary weapon!

LightSabers can be used both offensively and defensively, depending on your preferred style of combat. The LightSabers on sale here are obviously ‘training LightSabers’ because for safety reasons, sadly, we can’t sell you real ones… sorry.

Nevertheless, with the Space Wars Light Up Lightsabers you can still have a lot of fun *gently* duelling and practicing your offensive, defensive and reactive abilities with a friend.

LightSabers are designed to cut through enemies, robots and blast doors alike. It is also worth noting that there are very few ways to defend against LightSabers, so many a respected master has concluded that one of the best forms of defence, is attack! Get them before they get you!

If you want to learn to be more skilled than most opponents that you may face, remember, practice makes perfect! If you purchase one of these ‘training lightSabers’ be sure to train hard so that maybe one day you may be able to earn or purchase yourself a real one!*

*Not from us though sadly… I heard that there might be a few real ones available a few moons from here…


The new Space Wars Light Up Lightsaber is a great bit of fun to mess around with on a lazy afternoon!

The LightSaber lights up and comes with some cool futuristic sound effects, and, in terms of size, one LightSaber is approx 66cm in length (132cm for a double). Please note, that each LightSaber requires 3 x aaa batteries which you will need to purchase separately.

If you purchase one LightSaber, then you will have a ‘single-bladed’ LightSaber, but if you purchase two, the seller will provide you with a special attachment whereby you will be able to attach the two together to make a doubly-cool ‘double-bladed’ LightSaber!

One LightSaber is fun, but if you purchase a second one, you can duel with a partner and the LightSabers can provide a fair amount of competitive fun!

Some practitioners prefer single bladed Sabers, whilst others prefer a double blade. Which would you prefer?!


The Rundown

This highly popular product makes swooshing sounds when it lights up and when you swing it around. This certainly gives an added feeling that the saber has come to life!

The sabers initially light up red and then they change colour as you swing them about, or as they strike an object. Also, when the weapon comes into contact with something the saber makes a distinctive striking sound, which further helps to bring the blade to life as you engage in playful duels with a partner.

*Editors note: The blades are strong enough to duel gently without breaking but it is not recommended to hit the blades hard on anything, as this may damage them.

Remember also, if you don’t treat the ‘practice light sabers’ with respect, what makes you think that the Masters will ever see you fit to own a real one? You must learn the meaning of patience and control young one…

Overall, a pretty fun little gizmo, just don’t hit it on anything too hard!

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