NERF N-Strike Elite Hyperfire Blaster

NERF ’em!

Available via Amazon here the number one best selling NERF N-Strike Elite HyperFire Blaster is a super-fast motorised Nerf dart blaster weapon, which (with fresh batteries) is capable of blasting out up to 5 darts per second!

Rain down destruction on your targets or living opponents (heheheh) with this awesomely fun toy gun. It possesses a large 25-dart drum, and it can fire darts up to 90 feet (27 metres!).

Simply aim, press the ‘acceleration’ button and pull the trigger. Then watch with mischievous glee as you rain down a deluge of 25 elite darts on your hapless target!

Shoots up to 5 darts per second!
Super Specs

*Editor’s note: As fun as this weapon is, the weapon should not be aimed at the face or eyes of a living target for safety reasons. Also, it is only meant for the ages of 8 years and above due to small parts.

The weapon requires 4D batteries (which you will have to purchase separately, unfortunately) and they power the motorised ammo drum. The power thus enables the weapon to reach high firing speeds which would otherwise be unattainable without a power source.

The product weighs almost 2 kgs and it measures approximately 30cm in length, so it is a big boy alright!

This top selling toy weapon has been manufactured by the well-established and popular toy manufacturer Hasbro, and this product is in their ‘Elite’ range of toy weaponry. It is, therefore as one would expect, pretty durable and well made.

The gun is quite bulky, so it may take a little getting used to. Even though it is quite bulky, however, it is not too heavy, so children will be able to carry it just fine. Overall, the NERF N-Strike Elite Hyper Fire Blaster is a great toy weapon and perfect for battling your friends!

The Rundown

The NERF N-Strike Elite HyperFire Blaster is a blast literally, and it is a number one best seller on Amazon for a reason. For those who like a competitive challenge and take their Nerf battles more seriously, there are also extra ammunition packages available for purchase through the same seller (link to the seller is below). This should help you with extended battles.

The motorised magazine can shoot multiple darts in just a fraction of a second, however, if you are having an extended battle with friends or family, you can also choose to conserve ammunition. To do this, you just tap the trigger once to shoot one dart instead of shooting multiple darts by holding the trigger down.

That being said, if you do have lots of ammunition left by the time you catch up to your sneaky target, by all means, let ’em have it!

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