Bluetooth V4.1 Wireless Sport Headphones – For Samsung, iPhone & LG

“Run Forest Run!”

The Bluetooth V4.1 wireless sport headphones are a stylish, fast-selling, sweat-proof, ergonomically designed pair of headphones which are perfect for use during most fitness activities. As they are lightweight and comfortable to wear, they are also perfectly fine for casual day-to-day use also.

As the headphones are bluetooth, gone are the days of pulling a clump of impossibly tangled wires out of your pocket! The lack of wires makes the headphones convenient and hastle free.

Whether running in the park, lifting weights, or just travelling to work, the wire-free aspect to the headphones makes them practically effortless to use. These are especially great as running apparatus or for fitness in particular, as they are comfortable, sweat-resistant and designed to stay in the ear even when you are moving quickly about.

Several colours available
Innovative Technology

The Bluetooth V4.1 wireless sport headphones utilise Pure Sound and SignalPlus technology, which deliver incredible audible performance. More impressively, however, the headphones also provide a rather revolutionary ability in that you can actually pair two devices at once to your headset. In this way, this actually allows you to stream music from two seperate sources, or answer calls from one device (using the built in microphone) and stream from another!

In everyday reality, however, it is probably unlikely that you will ever get a chance to utilise all of the abilities that these headphones possess, however, such versatility could come in useful at times. There may be trips, holidays or long train journeys for example, where you may want to sit next to a friend or family member and share your headphones with them. Alternatively, you may wish to both answer a call and stream music from another device! Essentially, although somewhat ‘overboard,’ this kind of versatile functionality is nice to have at your disposal.

Another nice point, is that you can actually have the source device 10 to 15 metres away and you will still get a perfectly clear transmission signal due to the Bluetooth 4.1 technology!

The Bluetooth V4.1 wireless sport headphones are designed primarily for active people with active lifestyles. As a result, the headphones have been fitted with comfortable non-slip hooks that stay in place over the ears when you are running, lifting weights or just keeping active.

Long Standby Time

The earbuds are flexible and they fit perfectly into the ear. Also, the headphones come with additional ear buds and ear hooks which is convenient should you ever need replacements. Furthermore, the ear buds are also fitted with echo and noise cancellation technology to give you the best possible sound quality.

This impressive sound quality provides acoustic highs, rich bass and incredible balance when listening to audio. The headphones also possess a built-in microphone which facilitates clear, high-quality, hands-free phone calls.

These hot selling Bluetooth V4.1 wireless sport headphones can be used (after a single charge) for around 4.5 hours of listening or talking. In standby mode, they can last for a whopping 150 hours!

With such a huge amount of standby time, you can rest assured that your headset will virtually always be ready when you need it.

The Rundown

All in all, for the price, the Bluetooth V4.1 wireless sport headphones are a nice pair of stylish sports headphones. They have been ergomically designed for comfort, and optimised to be both suitable, durable and practical for active people who love to work out.

The headphones are fully compatible with iPhone 6, 6S, 6S Plus, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Android Smartphones and tablets, Windows devices, and all popular Bluetooth devices. They are also available in many colours!

With sweat-proof capability, efficient bluetooth technology with innovative two-device streaming capability (even at a distance), as well as a built-in microphone, these headphones provide great value and performance for a price point cheaper than a lot of the competition.  Not bad!

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