Need new foundation?

alexandra florence

Hi, guys! So recently I run out of foundation which was usually the no7 beautifully matte which I used to love so so much. Recently, it just feels like it’s just too thick so, I decided to just treat myself one more time. Also, I couldn’t resist Black Friday sales so – introducing the Christian Dior Forever foundation!

I bought the Forever Dior foundation, because, as I said previously I felt like the beautifully matte no7 was just too thick for my skin now. My skin has gotten so much better since I’ve started using my body shop vitamin E moisturiser (see the previous blog post on November Treats) that before – all I wanted was thick full coverage makeup to cover my face whereas now, I kinda want to show it off, and boy did I pick the right one.

FullSizeRender 9.jpgNow, I’ve never had designer makeup before so I was super…

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