Apple AirPods – Brand New, Sealed, Expedited Shipping

No More Knots!

Sick of having to deal with that tangled, knotted mess of headphone wire everytime you pull your headphones out your pocket?! Well, the new, official Apple AirPods, available via eBay here, may just be the solution for you!

First Things First

Before we get stuck into the details of these highly popular AirPods, however, let’s first talk about the ‘elephant in the room…’ The one that often pops up when the subject of Apple products is brought up.

Are The AirPods Expensive?

No, I’m not talking about the fact that the AirPods are using a Bluetooth connection, instead of traditional headphone wires… namely, I’m talking about the price. It’s not exactly a secret in the tech world – Apple products, on average, are expensive.

Apple Quality

In a nut shell, Apple’s critics these days look to Apple’s myriad of various competitor companies and brands as generally offering better value overall in their products. Often, the competition provides similar (or sometimes in someways, better) quality products at lower price points. On the defending side however, many fans of the Apple brand argue that Apple does indeed charge a premium price, yet, in return, customers receive top-level, premium quality products and services. Essentially, many hold the view that you get what you pay for.

AirPods – less hastle?

In keeping with our goal of objectivity and impartiality, the truth is probably somewhere in the middle.

Revolutionary Products

Apple’s competition in this day and age has indeed developed and started to increasingly challenge Apple’s market dominance with a variety of similarly excellent products, especially since the revolutionary and inspirational Steve Jobs sadly passed away in 2011.

Seamless Experience

Nevertheless, Apple still undoubtedly provides a truly unique, premium, integrated smooth and synchronised experience across their entire range of products. A seamless experience that is, which has arguably not yet been fully matched or equalled by any single competitor to date.

Fully Integrated

When talking of Apple’s market-leading, integrated products and services, the AirPods without a doubt, are no exception. Love it or hate it, Apple have once again shown quality, performance, style and seamless integration with this hot selling product.

Time for some new tech?

The official Apple AirPods are packed full of excellent, innovative, market-shaking features. Such features include:

  • Voice accelerometer: AirPods recognise when you are speaking and they use a pair of beam-forming microphones to filter out external noise and focus in on the sound of your voice, such as when making calls or talking to Siri.
  • Detect when you’re listening: A unique, Apple designed W1 chip utilises optical sensors and motion accelerometers to automatically control audio. The chip allows the AirPods to automatically engage the microphone, and it also allows the user to use one or both AirPods at any given time. Also, the pods play sound as soon as they are in your ears!
  • Unique, powerful W1 chip: In addition to the features highlighted above, the innovative W1 chip produces an extremely efficient wireless connectivity ability for improved connection and sound quality. It also aids in optimising battery life, allowing the AirPods to provide 5 hours of listening time on a single charge. This is rather impressive for such a small device!
  • Siri on deck: Siri is on hand at a mere double tap of either AirPod. When you double tap on either AirPod, Siri activates and as a result, you don’t need to take your iPhone our of your pocket.
  • Superior sound: As is to be expected, AirPods provide excellent, high quality AAC audio for top-notch sound quality.
  • Great battery life: AirPods deliver an industry-leading 5 hours of listening time on one charge. They take just 15 minutes of charging in their stylish, compact charging case to get you an extra 3 hours of charging time! With the case also, you get more than 24 hours of battery life in total. You can also ask Siri “How’s the battery on my AirPods?” for a quick update.
  • Effortless connection: To use the AirPods it couldn’t be simpler. Simply take them out of their case and they are ready to use with all of your Apple devices (and also many non-apple devices). The pods also connect instantly once you put them in your ears. If you have multiple Apple devices, you also have the option to switch the sound seamlessly between your various devices.
Stylish And Minimalist Design

All in all, these feature-rich AirPods do indeed come with a hefty price tag. If, however, you already own some Apple devices, these pods are a nice, stylish, minimalist and effective accessory to own.

They are essentially a highly popular, innovative product which does away with the frustrating, time-consuming hastle of tangled headphone wires. More significantly, they also provide an integrated, seamless, interactive experience which aids you in making phone calls and helps you to more easily enjoy audio media.

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