New Dynastar Cham 127 Skis (2014)- elite powder, freeride, backcountry skis

Award-winning skis

The New 2014 Dynastar Cham 127 Skis are an award-winning, high-performance freeride floatation device that is designed to excel in the most demanding terrain and snowy conditions.

These hot trending skis possess a 5-point sidecut, a long tip rocker and a ‘real-deal’ construction which, combined together, deliver superb power, float and manoeuvrability.

Also, notably, these skis have won multiple awards including Outside Magazine’s Gear of the Year Award, so they have been rightly recognised as being of good, practical design.

When taking your sporting activity to the next level it’s important to have sporting equipment that is fit for purpose, dependable and provides you with the very best quality. Undoubtedly,  quality and dependable features is one area where these skis certainly don’t disappoint.


Dynastar – almost 50 years of expertise

In terms of the ski’s manufacturer, Dynastar, these impressive skis are built in the heart of Chamonix, which is a bustling, quaint commune in France. This beautiful, picturesque commune is at the base of Mont Blanc (the highest summit in the Alps mountain range) and it is renowned for its skiing. Most significantly, when it comes to skiing, they know what they’re doing up there!

Dynastar is a well established and well respected brand in the winter sports industry, and they have handcrafted skis in Chamonix for almost 50 years. Their passion for delivering technical performance has paid off over the years, as their skill, passion and technical expertise has carried Dynastar to the podium of every major alpine ski event in the world. Such events include the World Championships, the Olympics, the X Games and Big Mountain Competitions.

Almost 50 years of expertise
It’s all in the details

The award-winning, popular New 2014 Dynastar Cham 127 Skis possess a unique flat / pintail design which offers instant speed control, enhances tip float in deep snow conditions, and provides all-mountain power, tracking and stability.

In terms of finer details, the features of these impressive skis include:

  • Partial twin tip tail for freestyle and freeride
  • All Snow Rocker (long tip rocker/camber underfoot/flat tail) for high performance in all conditions
  • Progressive 5-Point Levitation Profile Sidecut for easy and predictable turns in deep snow
  • Wide Shape for float
  • Sandwich Laminate Fiberglass-wrapped Titanium and Wood Core for ultimate power and stability
  • Full Length Vertical Double Melamine/Phenol Sidewalls for quick response
  • Guaranteed Made in France
  • Flat skis for use with any traditional binding with a wide brake 127mm or wider
Dynastar Cham 127 Skis – Made in France
Skis for the pros

In terms of snow sports (and more acutely, when hurtling down a slippery ski slope at rapid speeds!) it’s imperative to have reliable, high quality skis, and thankfully these skis are of only the highest quality, with Dynastar’s extensive expertise and care put into every pair. Furthermore, more generally, when it comes to winter sports or more unusual, extreme or exotic sports, then it’s especially vital that you have equipment that you can rely on, as safety is paramount with more risky sports.

The New 2014 Dynastar Cham 127 Skis are of only the highest quality, they are brand new and they come with a full warranty. The length of the skis are 180-191cm and they do not come with bindings.

The only real downside is that these skis are more suited towards expert skiers and professionals who are looking for a big mountain free-ride pair of skiis that excel (especially) in a powder type skiing environment. As a result, if you are a novice or less experienced skier, you may be better off looking for a less elite, feature-rich pair of skis for your first pair of skis.

These skis may only be the slightly older 2014 model, however, they are still more advanced and feature-rich than most of the skis offered by competitors, and they are not as expensive to purchase as many of the newer designs. If a pair of elite, high-quality skis is what you are looking for, this pair make for a good choice!

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