The Girl on the Train – available in both Hardcover and Kindle Edition

The Girl on the Train, available on Amazon, is a number one best seller and tantalising thriller which – in the words of the award-winning horror author Stephen King – “kept me up most of the night.”

This impressive novel is an exceptional and startling psychological thriller which is “Gripping, enthralling – a top-notch thriller and a compulsive read” according to fellow bestselling author S J Watson.

The book covers the story of Rachel, who is a divorced, jealous, bitter and somewhat overweight alcoholic who has been sacked from her job.

This sorrowful, complex anti-hero takes the same train everyday and lives in near constant envy, sorrow and regret. Most significantly, she grows envious of a beautiful perfect couple that she gets to know…

Living in jealousy, envy and countless problems (many of her own making), it’s not long before Rachel sees something unexpected and truly shocking… something which ends up turning her whole world upside down!

It’s not long before the book spirals into a real thrilling adventure which gets the adrenaline flowing and takes the reader on a swirling, unpredictable whirlwind of a ride!

Creepy back cover!

The Girl on the Train has been written by the highly talented Paula Hawkins, who has lived in both Zimbabwe and Britain, and who worked as a journalist for fifteen years before branching off into fiction.

This unique book is Paula’s first thriller, yet it provides a magnificent tale which has now been published in over forty languages and it has been a number one bestseller around the world! The book has grown so successful in fact, that it has now even been turned into a major motion picture starring the highly talented actress Emily Blunt.

All in all, this book – available in both hardcover and Kindle Edition – provides an exciting adventure full of twists, shocks and turns, impressive, captivating characters and a complex plot that will keep you on your toes right up until the very end!

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