Official EU Edition YI Home Camera 2 with Kingston 32GB Micro SD

The EU Edition YI Home Camera 2 is an excellent home camera which is growing in popularity in the competitive field of home security and home automation.

Provides Excellent Home Security

This stylish 1080p HD camera has a range of impressive features which enable the camera to provide excellent home security for those who are seeking greater protection for their home and family.

Highly Suited For Guarding Homes

The EU Edition YI Home Camera 2 offers motion detection, human-specific detection, gesture recognition and night vision (among other features), and this makes it highly suited for guarding homes and private property.

Many Impressive Features

The camera is an improvement on the first version of the YI Home Camera, and in terms of capabilities, it possesses a 130° wide-angle lens, two-way audio and an advanced S2LM chipset from Ambarella, which is a leading US-based chip manufacturer.

High Quality Video Recording

This advanced chip, combined with other technology within the camera, allows the device to support various impressive features such as high quality video recording, low power consumption, 3D digital noise reduction and a fast flow of digital information through the internet.

The YI Home Camera 2 possesses many advanced features

The EU Edition YI Home Camera 2 is built with a ‘best-in-class’ Panasonic CMOS sensor which provides excellent detection capabilities.

Sophisticated And Elegant Design

In terms of the appearance, the sophisticated yet elegant design of the camera is the result of professional design by company team members from Germany, Mainland China and Taiwan. The focus on a quality, sleek design has resulted in a polished aesthetic which fits well in virtually any private home environment.

Advanced And Practical

In terms of day to day use and practicality, this advanced camera is especially well suited to families with babies as the device can detect when babies cry. In this way, the camera can thus give parents the peace of mind that their baby is being reliably monitored for improved safety.

Optional Cloud Storage

This advanced smart device includes a ‘people counting’ function which is great for monitoring activity in busy rooms. The device also includes the ability for optional cloud storage of digital information (which is great if someone breaks in and steals the camera itself!), and it also includes an impressive enhanced zoom capability.

Peek-a-Boo! I see you!

Through its multitude of advanced features, this device is an excellent smart device and it is particularly great for those who are working towards creating a fully automated home.

The camera is currently available for purchase with (or without) a Kingston 32GB Micro SD card, although the SD card is highly recommended for the additional storage it provides.

Android And iOS Apps

A useful aspect to this device is that the camera has an app which is available for both iOS and Android for easy control of your camera. Overall, the device is a lot cheaper than many of the competitors out there, yet it also includes many advanced features that much of the competition does not possess. All in all, a pretty solid device.

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