Koko Playsuit – Toffee Colour, Aéryne X NA-KD collection

Sweet Like Toffee!

The Koko Playsuit from the Aéryne X NA-KD collection, is a top selling, beautifully soft, toffee coloured Playsuit with long-trumpet sleeves, ribbed fabric, elastic waist, v-neck front and wide shorts.

Made from Viscose (62.5%), Polyester (34.5%) and Spandex (3%), this garment offers elegance with more than a touch of playfulness to create a super stylish outfit, great for both casual social engagements and getting the style on when travelling or on the go!

Elegant yet playful, with or without jewellery, the Koko Playsuit sparkles in its own right. Furthermore, this playsuit is most definitely in season right now and it is a best selling, popular NA-KD item right now.

Style With Comfort

The Koko Playsuit is currently available in XX-SMALL, X-SMALL, SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE, X-LARGE sizes, so you should have no problem grabbing one to match your sizing needs.

In terms of sizing, just for reference, the model shown in the pictures is 168 cm and she is wearing size x-small (EU 34, UK 6, US 2).

This elegant playsuit skillfully combines style with comfort and just oozes character! The Toffee colour is also a really nice touch, giving the garment a robe-like touch and a luxury-look to the garment.

Furthermore, this beautiful garment would arguably look great with a pair of high heeled boots and a coat to match. NA-KD offers a whole range of in-season style for the ladies, so we’d recommend checking out their varied stylish collections to compliment your Playsuit.



Aéryne X NA-KD Collection

The Koko Playsuit is from the Aéryne X NA-KD collection. This collection is all about the independent, travelling woman.

The Aéryne X NA-KD fashion crews travel regularly to Asia, France and Scandinavia, and as a result, this vibrant collection has been greatly influenced by the differing and unique cultures and styles found in those parts of the world.

Their innovative collection possesses shapes that are relaxed yet luxurious, and the focus has been on creating fashion which provides the maximum style possible when working and travelling in their respective capital cities.

In terms of the Koko Playsuit, it is one of the top sellers in this unique, vibrant Aéryne X NA-KD collection which consists of Asian prints, French lace and chunky Scandinavian ribs.


We’ve Come A Long Way

In terms of Playsuits, generally, and rather interestingly, the concept of a ‘Playsuit’ started in New York in the 1930s as a piece of stylish sportswear. It was essentially a new stage in the evolution of French Couture dressmaking, and it was a notable and significant fashion stepping stone away from restrictive clothing for women in 1930s America.

Since then, and over several decades, Playsuits have been in and out of fashion and they have evolved immensely since the 1930s. Right now, in this modern age however, Playsuits have most definitely made a resurgence in mainstream fashion, and the Aéryne X NA-KD collection, undoubtedly, has created a beautiful addition to this historically-rich fashion genre!

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