Original Rubik’s Cube

The number one best selling Original Rubik’s Cube is puzzle history reincarnate!

The Rubik’s Cube was the biggest and fastest selling cult ‘toy’ of all time, and now it’s once again making a significant revival.

After the World Rubik’s Cube Championship in 1982, the Rubik’s cube sky-rocketed to new heights of popularity, as ordinary non-competitor adults and children alike sought to get their hands on one of the exciting, new puzzle cubes.

The Original Rubik’s Cube has six different coloured sides, each made of up nine squares and it provides a real challenge that will keep you enthralled during many a spare moment!

Essentially, the puzzle involves jumbling up the cube’s faces by twisting and twirling the cube’s blockish layers. After that, you then have to try and return each coloured square back to its original place on the cube’s various faces. It may sound simple, but frankly, it’s anything but!





In terms of arrangement possibilities for the cube’s faces, there are actually 43,252,003,274,489,856,000 different arrangement combinations for the cube! Hmmm… where’s a super computer when you need one?!

The cube weighs 100 grams and it has the dimensions of 12.2 x 9.5 x 8 cm, so it’s small and portable enough to take around with you when out and about!

* Spoiler Alert! *

The game provides a serious, highly strategic challenge which can get very difficult, very quickly. Thankfully, should you run out of patience trying to work the puzzle out for yourself, the Original Rubik’s Cube comes with a helpful little booklet which shows you the solutions to the puzzle (not the picture above!).

The cube, for most people, will take a very long time to master…. but to be fair, that’s what keeps it interesting!

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