Make sure your car is ready for winter

Remember to check your brake fluid level

Car maintenance is essential. The more regularly and thoroughly you maintain your car, the longer it will keep running. During the harsh winter months, accidents and breakdowns are more likely to occur. Make sure you’re prepared for winter and carry out these basic steps to keep your car roadworthy all year round.

Wiper blades

Do your wiper blades leave streaks on the windscreen? If so, it is probably time to change them. There are many different sizes and varieties of wiper blades available on eBay so you should measure your current wipers to make sure that the next pair will be a good fit.

Tyre condition
Tyre pressure is important

Tyre pressure and tyre condition are two surprisingly easy checks that can be done from home. Well-kept tyres are essential for safe travel. This is especially true when the roads are icy. You can start by checking tread depth, this needs to be no lower than the minimum allowed depth (1.6mm) and preferably more, as the deeper the tread the better the tyre is at dissipating water.

Check the inner edge of the tyre for excessive wear, cracks, bulges or anything out of the ordinary. If you don’t think that the tyres look normal, you should be on the safe side and get some new ones.

Tyre pressure can either be checked at a fuel station or then using a simple tyre pressure gauge from eBay. Consult your manual for the correct tyre pressure.

Screen wash

The roads are covered in grit and it’s only natural that your screen will get dirty during the course of the day. There’s nothing worse than driving home in the dark with a dirty windscreen and no fluid to clean it with! It’s probably a good idea to jump the gun, get on eBay and top up your screen wash.

With these simple and easy maintenance tips, you can drive safely and have peace of mind knowing that your car is getting the TLC it deserves. For more vehicle related content, check out our Vehicles & travel section or head over to eBay Motors by clicking the button below.

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