NUMATIC HVR200-11 Henry Vacuum Cleaner – (Energy Class A)

The number one best selling NUMATIC HVR200-11 Henry Vacuum Cleaner is a powerful, reliable and high quality vacuum cleaner from the iconic and trusted NUMATIC brand.

The NUMATIC brand has been going (in various forms) for several decades and their products are known to be high quality products which have been developed through countless years worth of experience and expertise.

The NUMATIC HVR200-11 Henry Vacuum Cleaner provides a smooth and easy to handle cleaning experience with a myriad of useful features and accessories which make cleaning less of a chore!

This best selling, affordable vacuum cleaner comes with a long hose and flexible tubes, and it provides excellent cleaning on all surfaces.

Henry comes with a long 10 metre power cable so you will be able to vacuum over a pretty large distance before you run out of cable. Also, when you have finished cleaning, the cable smoothly retracts into Henry’s Charlie Chaplin-esque bowler hat!



Henry comes with rubberised wheels which help to protect hard floors, and this iconic vacuum cleaner is also easy to store away due to its small size (34 x 37 x 36 cm). The vacuum also has a pretty low profile, so it is easy to tuck away under a desk or store in a small cupboard.

The NUMATIC HVR200-11 Henry Vacuum Cleaner weighs about 8 kilograms, it possesses a large capacity of 9 litres and it has a power / wattage of 620 watts, which is more than powerful enough for most home, non-industrial use. The vacuum cleaner comes with a large 9 litre dust bag included, and more are readily available for purchase at very reasonable prices through the net.

Henry uses innovative energy-saving technology, active from the moment you switch it on, and the vacuum cleaner has a class A energy rating. As a result, the vacuum is very efficient when it comes to saving on your electricity bills, and thus, it won’t cost you much financially to maintain a dirt and dust-free home. The only thing a good clean will take, however, is a bit of hard work and effort(!) and luckily, Henry rolls along the floor smoothly and effortlessly, thus making the job a whole lot easier.



The NUMATIC HVR200-11 Henry Vacuum Cleaner includes other impressive features, such as an easy-folding handle, click lock facility, extra-powerful suction and a tough, durable yet characterful outer shell!

The vacuum also comes with an upholstery brush which makes it easy to clean chairs and sofas. More generally, the vacuum is easy to use on different surfaces such as laminate, carpet and lino, which makes Henry perfectly suitable for most households.

The only real downside to the vacuum, is that some reports have stated that it could do with better accessories for edge cleaning. Also, it is not the best vacuum out there when it comes to sucking up pet hair, so if you have a very messy pet fur ball running amok around the house, you may wish to look into other options!

All in all, this impressive vacuum cleaner provides, a smooth, powerful, and affordable cleaning experience. Furthermore, there’s something to be said for having a vacuum cleaner with a bit of personified, cheeky character thrown in there! When cleaning, you can look at Henry’s grinning face and it’s not hard to start imagining that your vacuum has come to life. Arguably, it’s always easier to have a buddy with you when doing those tiresome cleaning chores, and that’s what Henry’s for!

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