Upside Down Wine Glass Drinkware Dare to Be Different

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The Upside Down Wine Glass is the perfect way to set the table for a night in with loved ones or friends and delight at their looks of astonishment as their wine appears to suspend in mid-air.

Whether you’ll use it as a table decoration, conversation starter or just as a novel way to enjoy some wine, this 20 cm tall glass holds a whopping 375ml (1/2 bottle of wine) and is a cheeky twist of the standard wine glass design.

Imagine people’s faces as you poor wine into an upside down glass! You can be sure that people will rush to stop you. An upside down glass is not something you expect to see everyday. Simply put, it’s a lot more interesting than the standard wine glasses people have at home.

The revolutionary Upside Down Wine Glass will literally turn your world upside down!

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