COSMOLITE Beauty Case – Midnight Blue

The COSMOLITE Beauty Case is a sleek, characterful beauty case manufactured using advanced impact-resistant Curv® technology.

This unique beauty case is perfect for when travelling, and the case itself is part of Samsonite’s modern and artistic COSMOLITE collection. The case is an updated, new and improved model of a previous version of this case, which Samsonite has been dilligently working on behind the scenes!

The advanced Curv® technology incorporated into the case, allows for high energy absorption and thus, outstanding impact protection, especially at low temperatures. The material used in this technology is an advanced, light weight material which helps to ensure that the beauty case is both lightweight and durable. Both important aspects to have in a travel case!

The case is currently available in five eye-catching colours: Midnight Blue, Copper Blush, Black, Silver and Pearl. As far as bags for the ladies goes, this case provides the raw functionality of a durable, travel beauty case, with the sophisticated, fashionable look of a contemporary design piece.

The COSMOLITE Beauty Case, essentially, makes use of the latest design aesthetics and it possesses an iconic silhouette, true to the ethos of the COSMOLITE collection ethos.

The COSMOLITE Beauty Case possesses a carefully considered and successful combination of looks balanced with practical functionality, as it looks fabulous (and a bit like an intricate clam shell!) whilst still providing plenty of space for beauty products and cosmetics. In terms of size, the case possesses the dimensions of 29.0 x 37.0 x 19.0 cm, thus the bag is both spacious and perfectly transportable.

Some of the noteworthy features to this case, include:

  • Colour-matching zipper extrusion
  • Two top-carry handles (which provide easy lifting and grip)
  • large main compartment for toiletries and cosmetics
  • A smart sleeve to secure the bag to your luggage when travelling

The case, also, is lighter than in its previous incarnations, and this is due in part, to more lightweight and elegant components. The case possesses colour-matching components and a fashionable, iconic fishbone-like pattern.

In terms of further technical specifications; the volume of the bag is 13 litres, the bag weighs 0.8 kilograms and it also comes with an impressively long, limited 10 year global warranty!


Overall, the COSMOLITE Beauty Case is a sleek, spacious and characterful beauty case which provides impressive impact protection with its advanced impact-resistant Curv® technology. It has lots of room for toiletries and cosmetics, among other features, and as far as beauty cases go, this best selling offering from the trusted Samsonite brand, should more than exceed your expectations!

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