The Wenger Revolution: Twenty Years of Arsenal (Hardcover) – by Amy Lawrence, Arsène Wenger & Stuart MacFarlane

End Of An Era?

Multiple websites and news sources have been reporting for quite sometime now that the long-time, long-suffering Arsenal manager and arguable legend, Arsène Wenger is likely going to quit in the not-too-distant future!

Love him or hate him, Arsène Wenger has been a long-serving, hard-working, loyal servant of Arsenal Football Club for over 20 years!

Arsenal is LIFE

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20 Years Of Arsenal

The number one Arsenal best seller The Wenger Revolution: Twenty Years Of Arsenal is a superb hardcover book which outlines in beautifully-presented, impressive detail, the fascinating chronicle of how a little-known Frenchman, Arsène Wenger, walked into Arsenal in September of 1996, and in the subsequent 20 years, sky-rocketed the London-based, professional football club to new heights of success.

Wenger essentially transformed the club in everything from training, style, economics and stadium, and under his pioneering leadership, Arsenal has grown substantially as a club and attracted a global audience and worldwide fan base.

A Captivating Tale

The Wenger Revolution: Twenty Years Of Arsenal chronicles this fascinating tale from the very beginning with impressive, distinctive photography from official Arsenal photographer Stuart MacFarlane.

Furthermore, each section of the book is eloquently introduced by award winning journalist Amy Lawrence, whose informative commentary helps to set the scene.

Arsène  Wenger himself, also adds a real personal touch to the book with his own personal commentary, as he reminisces about the most significant people and memorable moments that have helped define his impressive and long-standing, 20 year career.

Crystal Palace v Arsenal - Premier League


8% Net Proceeds Go To Charitable Projects

It is also worth pointing out that the book mentions that 8% of the publisher’s net proceeds from the sale of the book will be donated to The Arsenal Foundation.

Thus, by purchasing the book, you will get the added bonus of knowing that you will be helping to transform the lives of young people through the Foundation’s educational programs and sports projects in the UK and overseas.

Nab Yourself Some Arsenal History

For Arsenal fans, whether you’re a serious football player, or you’re simply the sort of fan who just likes to watch the game and have the odd kick about at home, this book is essentially a beautifully presented, well-written piece of Arsenal history.

The best selling The Wenger Revolution: Twenty Years Of Arsenal is pretty much a time capsule in book form, and it’s great for capturing a bit of Arsenal history before Le Professeur himself finally moves on from managing Arsenal.

Arsène Wenger in the last few years especially, has come under a great deal of fire for Arsenal’s somewhat haphazard performance but nevertheless, the man is undoubtedly a legend and for a large number of Arsenal fans, he will be sorely missed!

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