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Minecraft: Pocket Edition – (Android Gaming)

The best selling Minecraft: Pocket Edition is a fantastically addictive, incredibly fun, android-based ‘world-builder’ for entertaining on-the-go gaming!

Explore Galore

Minecraft: Pocket Edition allows you to explore randomly generated worlds and build anything from tiny huts to giant castles in its vast sandbox-like environment! Furthermore, the fact that the worlds are generated randomly, means that the world layouts always change and thus, you won’t get bored by maps which would otherwise stay the same and potential grow repetitive.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition – There’s a good kitty…
Strive To Survive

When playing the game, you can select ‘survival mode.’ With this option selected, the game includes survival elements such as hunger, dimensions and brewing! With this mode selected you can help protect yourself by crafting weapons and armour.

Nevertheless, it’s one thing to try and gather resources to build a little hut to live in… but it’s quite another thing if you’re also slowly starving to death and being incessantly hunted at the same time!

On The Go Gaming

This game is suitable for android devices such as Samsung phones, Xiaomi devices etc. and the game is perfect for killing a few hours when you are out and about and away from your computer.

If, however, you are more of a console-based gamer, there is also a best selling Xbox 360 version of the Minecraft game, which you can grab here: on Amazon.


Mining And Crafting

The game has a solid crafting and mining aspect to it, and for players who want a more relaxing gaming experience, you can play in ‘creative mode.’ With this mode selected, you won’t have to worry about being hunted down as there are no enemies in the map.

The game thus offers you a more relaxing playing experience where you are given unlimited resources, and you have no mobs chasing you down! Therefore, you can safely while away many hours mining deep underground, or you can focus on that big project – building a huge cabin or castle on top of the highest hill!

Minecraft: Pocket Edition – watch out for the wildlife!
Looks Good / Plays Good

Minecraft: Pocket Edition has a sort of blocky, Tetris-like quality about it, yet despite this seeming limitation, it actually turns out to be a plus as it looks good in its own stylish way, and the game provides a smooth, enjoyable gaming experience.

Build To Survive!

When it comes to gaming on the go Minecraft: Pocket Edition provides for plenty of exciting world-building, crafting and survival-focussed entertainment.

The game also has a simple yet fun multiplayer option, for gamers interested in a more social experience, and it is also worth mentioning that the game is under continuous improvement by the game developers. As a result, the game is getting better with each update as bugs and minor issues are slowly ironed out.

Overall, Minecraft: Pocket Edition is a unique (and strangely therapeutic!) game which is unlike other Android games out there. All-in-all, it is certainly well deserving of its best selling status!

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