Whey Matrix – 100% Protein Powder –  Anabolic Muscle Growth (2.25kg & 5kg, Free Shaker With 5kg)

The best selling Whey Matrix protein powder is a blend of four quality protein sources available in both 2.25kg and 5kg tubs.

Enter The Matrix…

Whey Matrix’s delicious blend of four quality protein sources includes the nutrient dense whey protein concentrate, and each serving contains 23 grams of protein.

The protein blend provides a range of different absorption speeds, and thus, the protein blend provides for both rapid and sustained amino acid release.

Furthermore, the protein blend provides high GI (Glycaemic Index) carbohydrates to help support the replenishment of muscle glycogen, and therefore, it facilitates muscle mass development.

Research = Results

Many studies have shown that increasing the amount of protein in your diet, helps you feel fuller for longer, meaning that you tend to eat less calories overall. Essentially, therefore, increasing your protein, on average, helps you to get leaner faster and more sustainably.

As a result, if you are watching your calories and training with heavy weights, or just exercising occasionally, increasing your daily protein intake should greatly help you with any weight loss goals that you may have.s-l1600dd

It’s Shake Time

Whey Matrix allows you to mix up a tasty shake, which makes for a convenient and delicious high protein snack. Mixing up a delicious, muscle-boosting protein shake is easy as pie. Just add 1 scoop (45 grams) of Whey Matrix with 300-400ml of water or milk in a shaker or blender, and then mix it up!

Depending on training goals, it is recommended to consume 1-3 servings daily, and ideally straight after training. In this way, muscle recovery time will be optimised.

It is also worth mentioning that the tubs are on sale in both 2.5kg and 5kg varieties, and if you choose the 5kg option, a free shaker is included, which is great for mixing up your drink.

Supports Muscle Mass Development

Whey Matrix is a versatile protein powder designed primarily to support developments in muscle mass.

Due to its combination of quality protein and high GI carbohydrate inclusion, this protein  source is ideal for consumption after intense physical activity as its carefully formulated blend results in an excellent combination of amino acids and insulin circulation post workout.

Furthermore, this delicious protein powder can also be used as a mass gainer, for those ‘hard gainers’ who find it particularly difficult to put on muscle mass.

Whey Matrix – good for both recovery and anytime
Time-Release Protein

In terms of specifics, Whey Matrix possesses a Time-Release Protein Blend consisting of fast-acting whey protein concentrate and soy protein isolate, combined with the much slower digesting micellar casein.

The carefully formulated BCAA Matrix consists of Leucine, Creatine, Glutamine, Glycine and Taurine. Together, these ingredients provide a power-packed amino acid blend which aids muscular performance, muscular maintenance and growth.

Whey Matrix is especially suited for recovery after training, as its High-GI carbohydrate profile results in a spike in insulin in the body, and many studies suggest that such spikes can improve muscle repair.

Whey Matrix – Certified and Tested
Who’s It For?

This top selling protein powder is perfect for sportsmen and women who wish to accelerate recovery after heavy training or sports events.

The versatile nature of the blend, however, makes it perfectly suitable for both amateurs and serious athletes alike. The top selling Whey Matrix has been developed to increase muscle mass and so it is perfectly suited for anyone who has muscle mass in mind as their goal.

Quality Assured

Whey Matrix has been produced in a state of the art UK facility with each product undergoing multiple rounds of testing before it is sent out to customers.

The product manufacturer – Matrix Nutrition – ensures quality and consistency in their products, and with well over 3000 tubs sold (through the eBay seller below), they provide one of the current top selling products of its kind on eBay!

For a quality, good value, versatile protein powder, Whey Matrix is a good pick!

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