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Rent your lock screen to Slidejoy for cash and gift cards. Enjoy hot deals, trending news and app notifications right on your lock screen. Every time you check your Android phone, you will see a card with a news story or promotion on your lock screen. On a side note, you can find Android related tips and tricks from here.

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You can either cash out directly to your PayPal account or you can be a hero and donate your earnings to the Jericho ProjectGot Your 6 and TutorChatLive! Donate the highest amount to charity to be featured in the Slidejoy Hall Of Fame.

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Enjoy trending news and timely promotions on your lock screen with Slidejoy and get paid for it! Sign up here and invite your friends!

Learn Quickly About The Latest News, Stories And Deals
The Latest News, Stories And Deals
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Fill your lock screen with beautifully-designed content that is relevant to you. The ads are well designed, easy to use and with a simple swipe, can be hidden.

Using Slidejoy is one of the easiest ways to earn passive income and your balance is updated daily. Once the payment threshold of $2 has been reached, click Redeem Now, in the app and the cash will be sent to your Paypal account. On average, you can earn $2 – $5 a month!

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