Citizen Men’s Perpetual Chrono A-T / Eco-Drive Chronograph Watch / Black Dial & Stainless Steel Bracelet 

Available via Amazon here, the highly popular Citizen Men’s Perpetual Chrono A-T is a very slick, beautifully designed timepiece, perfect for men who love to travel. With atomic clock timekeeping accurate to one second every 100,000 years, it is currently one of the most, if not the most accurate watch in the world.

World Class Timekeeping

The Citizen Men’s Perpetual Chrono A-T is yet another excellent Citizen design from the award-winning Citizen brand. This impressive watch is designed to look for a radio signal overnight and in this way, it automatically corrects the time and date so that you don’t have to.

In further elaboration, with Citizen’s integrated Radio-Controlled Atomic Clock Synchronisation Technology, the clock connects via radio waves to an Atomic Clock which in turn keeps the watch accurate to one second every 100,000 years.

In this particular feature, this watch is literally world leading.

The Citizen Men’s Perpetual Chrono A-T – radio-controlled goodness
A Travelling Man’s Dream

Due to its radio-controlled timekeeping feature, the Citizen Men’s Perpetual Chrono A-T makes for a stylish outdoor accessory particularly suited for those who love to travel.

The watch comes complete with World Time and Radio-Controlled functionality, allowing you to easily update your time zone when you travel. If the watch cannot sync in the area you are in, it will automatically use the last known time, thus ensuring that the watch provides uninterrupted reliable timekeeping.

Let There Be Light

The innovative, integrated Eco-Drive technology allows the watch to convert both natural and artificial light into energy, which in turn powers the device. Thus, no battery replacements, winding or charging required. Just put it on and go!

Furthermore, the beauty of the Eco-Drive technology is that your watch will keep on charging even in dim light, and thus meaning practically zero battery worries.

The watch also possesses a low energy warning and power save mode, just in case you somehow end up finding yourself in an extremely low light area for abnormally extended lengths of time.

For those who like to travel, this watch makes for a great, low maintenance men’s accessory, as when fully charged, Eco-Drive watches can run for up to 7 years even in the dark!

The Citizen Men’s Perpetual Chrono A-T – particularly great for travel
Planet Friendly

More generally, battery changes can lead to discarded batteries which then leach chemicals and pollute landfill sites, and in consequence, often result in unwanted environmental damage. Thankfully, Citizen’s Eco-Drive watches never need a battery change and thus, estimates show that Citizen has kept an estimated 75 million batteries out of landfill sites.

The Citizen Men’s Perpetual Chrono A-T and over 96% of Citizen’s watch range has the award-winning Eco-Drive technology, so in this respect at least, the company is not contributing to environmental damage via landfill pollution, so kudos to them for their planet-friendly designs.

Watch Brand Of The Year

Impressively, Citizen received the Watch Brand of the Year 2016 at the UK Jewellery Awards 2016, for the second consecutive year. As a result, should you purchase the Citizen Men’s Perpetual Chrono A-T, you can take heart in the knowledge that you are purchasing a product from a top, highly respected watch manufacturer.

It is also worth mentioning that the Citizen Men’s Perpetual Chrono A-T comes with a whopping 5 year guarantee, with an extended 1 year bonus should you participate in their watch registration programme. The extra one year option is highly recommended should you take the time to register the watch but even without it, 5 years is a very respectable guarantee time period.

Overall, the Citizen Men’s Perpetual Chrono A-T is a very slick, professionally crafted, planet-friendly and feature-rich watch for men who love to travel. With the 5 year + 1 guarantee included, it’s certainly a top product!

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