Hasbro Twister Game

The number one best selling, Twister, is a hilarious party game which is perfect for playing with friends or family. The game includes the classic, top selling Twister game, with an additional 2 new moves now included in this updated set. This game will literally tie you up in knots!

Ties You Up In Knots

The Twister top selling game set, makes for a hilarious game that is sure to get you in a twist! The game is very simple yet so very difficult at the same time!

Essentially, the spin the included spinner and then let the hilarity ensue as you try and keep up with what it tells you to do next!

Left foot green, right foot red, can you manage it?! If your knee or elbow touches the mat, or you topple over, you’re out the game!


Family Friendly

The Twister game is suitable for ages six and above, so as long as you have at least some semblance of balance and flexibility, you have no reason not to join in!

As the game is suitable for two players or more, it makes for an interesting family game and it provides endless group entertainment for both kids and adults alike.

In terms of game contents, the game set includes one Twister mat, 1 spinner and a set of instructions.

Reach The Circle

Essentially, the main aim of the game is that each player has to try and reach around to reach the coloured circles without toppling over. Often this is easier said than done, and  leads to endless hilarity.


Updated Moves

As previously mentioned, the game now comes with two new extra moves, which is an improvement on the classic version of the game.

With Spinners Choice, for example, the spinner makes up a move for the other player(s) to do. There are also fun spinners choice ideas on the back of the spinner.

If the spinner lands on Air, the player must put a foot or hand in the air, which can be surprisingly challenging according to your position on the mat!

Last Man Standing

The Twister game challenges you to put your hands and feet at different places on the mat without falling over. Essentially, with multiple players and no matter how hard you try – it’s gonna get messy!

The most fun thing about this game is that the last person standing wins. Essentially, therefore, you have to fight it out to the end with each player jostling for the best spots on the mat!

All in all, for a fun, family friendly, great multiplayer game, Twister makes for a pretty fun choice that will no doubt result in some hilarious laughs!

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