Fidget Cube II – 12 Sided, Multi-Coloured, Anti-anxiety and Depression Toy

The innovative Fidget Cube II is currently a hot trending item, and with its 12 sides of pure fidgety-goodness, it is perfect for those looking for an anti-anxiety or anti-depression toy. Furthermore, it is also great for those who just want something to fiddle about with when they have a spare moment or two!

Stress Relief

The highly therapeutic Fidget Cube II  is a great little cube toy that contains many features which make the toy an excellent stress and anxiety reliever.

The cube possesses features for every type of fidgeter! As a result, whether you’re a clicker, a roller, a flicker or a spinner, this relaxing little toy has something for you.

A fair number of studies have claimed that fidgeting improves focus, memory and attention. Whether this is indeed true or not, the Fidget Cube II  certainly makes for a handy desk aid to squeeze and fidget with, especially when you’re having a stressful day!

Press Me

Apart from helping with anxiety and depression, the toy is also perfectly suitable for those who have ADD / ADHD (Attention Deficit Disorder / Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) as the toy can allow one to expend energy on the toy instead of expending energy in more disruptive or destructive ways.

More generally also, the Fidget Cube II is simply a great toy for those with too much energy!

In terms of features, the cube possesses little smiley faces which will stay smiling even as you forcefully pinch them!

Also, using ABS material to enhance the texture, the toy possesses a game controller-like button experience, which is great for pressing down on to relieve anxiety.


The Fidget Cube II – great for anxiety relief
Soothingly Soft

The toy is manufactured using soft silicone, so the toy provides a resilient but exquisitely soft feeling to the touch.

The soft silicone also provides a tactile squeezing experience which helps to get the blood circulation flowing in the hand as you massage the cube.

Also, the toy possesses a soft button, which provides a somewhat similar experience to that of pressing the button on a ball point pen. This in itself is surprisingly therapeutic!

Small and Compact

The Fidget Cube II is a great small, compact toy that is fine to keep on your desk, or on a small shelf.

The toy is easy to store as it does not take up much room at all, and it also possesses a little silicone rope hoop, which means that the toy can be hung up on a hook, for easy and convenient storage. Also, if you hang the cube up, you are arguably less likely to misplace it!


Switch and Slide

The Fidget Cube II has a sliding block, which provides a therapeutic, rhythmic type experience. Furthermore, this hot trending toy also provides a switch feature to provide another slightly different, yet relaxingly rhythmic fidgeting experience!

It’s Fine To Fidget

All in all, the Fidget Cube II is great for those who suffer from anxiety or depression and it is also perfectly fine as a fun toy just for messing about with when you have a few minutes to spare.

With its assortment of clickers, flickers, rollers and spinners, it’s a good little fidgeter’s aid, and certainly does its job when it comes to providing anxiety and stress relief!

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