Noza Tec Waterproof Dog Seat Cover – (58″x 54″) Reinforced Version For Cars And SUVs

The Noza Tec Waterproof Dog Seat Cover from Amazon is currently a trending product, and its popularity is well warranted. With various excellent features such as: integrated, waterproof, reinforced material; a dog seat fixed belt; non-slip backing; and a machine washable, convertible, pet car hammock feature – this is a very nice cover indeed!

Reinforced Fourfold Cover

The Noza Tec Waterproof Dog Seat Cover utilises an impressive four-layer design, which is made using high quality fabric. The cover provides excellent, durable protection from scratches and all round mess, and it makes for a great accessory for transporting your lovable canine (or feline!) companion.

The fabric itself uses high quality, water-resistant Oxford fabric, soft cotton, heavy-duty waterproof polyester and PVC material. Furthermore, all the stitches connecting the straps have been reinforced for added longevity.

The Noza Tec Waterproof Dog Seat Cover = pet proof
Waterproof and Machine Washable

The Noza Tec Waterproof Dog Seat Cover is made with superior quality 600D waterproof, Oxford fabric, and it protects the back seats from spills, scratches, dirt, hair and fur.

It is fully machine washable and it provides a soft, yet high quality feel, whilst still being easy to clean with a vacuum or damp cloth.

11Fits Most Cars

The Noza Tec Waterproof Dog Seat Cover fits well in a car, SUV or similarly sized vehicle. The dog seat cover is 58″ in width x 54″ in length, and it is very easy to install with its integrated quick release clips that attach around the headrest to firmly fix the cover.

Non-Slip, Soft PVC

The Noza Tec Waterproof Dog Seat Cover possesses grippy loop PVC material on the back which tuck into the creases of the back seat to hold it down. Also, integrated velcro closures stop pet hair slipping through, whilst seat belt slits enable seat belts to still be used. With these features combined, it helps to keep the entire seat clean, without negatively affecting the day to day functionality of the seat.

Get In Boy!

To summarise, the Noza Tec Waterproof Dog Seat Cover is great as a travel accessory when it comes to making your vehicle pet-proof. With its heavy duty material, non-slip rubber backing, seat belt openings, velcro closure feature, and not to mention its machine-washable capabilities, this durable and practical cover is a great choice for pet transportation.

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