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Bitcoin has been soaring in value lately, even reaching an all time high! It’s not just Bitcoin that’s soaring, however. A few other altcoins are performing exceptionally well, too.

Great Potential

The rise of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dash has grabbed the media’s attention. Marco, from Genesis Mining, was recently quoted in several articles regarding the future of altcoin performance. You can read more about this here.

Newest Technology

As a response to the hype, Genesis Mining has launched Ethereum mining once again, this time with the latest technology and an extended 2 year runtime!

Cloud Mining Ethereum

In terms of pricing, for a little discount, use the discount code 4bY6sc when you sign up for a cloud mining contract with Genesis Mining. You can check out the pricing plans from here and if you want a little more information on Ethereum and how it is mined, you can read this recent Bloomberg article discussing the future of mining Ethereum.

New Information

Rather helpfully, Genesis Mining are also relaunching their Customer Service Site with new information and they will be adding educational videos as the rollout occurs.

We here at Best Selling Products Now want to help support your mining journey, which is why we frequently post about the latest news and developments regarding Genesis Mining.

Please use this site as a resource and reach out to our team, here, anytime you have a question!

We’ll Keep You Updated

We’ll keep you posted as the value of altcoins continues to rise as well as any major updates in the market.

Join over 500,000 people with the world’s leading hashpower provider!

Ps. Don’t forget to use the discount code 4bY6sc when you sign up… and let’s keep hoping that the value of altcoin continues to rise!

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