Sister Sister – No.1 Ebook Best Seller – Psychological Thriller – Kindle Edition

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Gripping Thriller

Sister Sister provides a very thought-provoking read which will certainly keep you incessantly glued to the pages! Without giving away any significant spoilers, Sister Sister takes you through the story of two sisters who were separated when they were younger.

Claire and Alice were split up when their father took Alice away on a long holiday to the US and never came back.

Claire grew up to be a successful solicitor and could never find her sister, despite the use of private detectives.

Out of the blue, Alice makes contact with her mum and soon afterwards she is back with the family after her long, tragic disappearance.

As the family begin to make up for lost time, Claire tries to stay happy that her long-lost sister is back in her life, yet slowly she has her suspicions about things. Gradually, things start to take a more sinister turn for the worst.

Are things really starting to go downhill, or is Claire starting to lose her mind? Could it all be because of Alice, or is Claire just creating problems where there are none? Is Claire really seeing things as they are, going from bad to worse, or is Claire just starting to lose the plot completely?

An Addictive Read

In this novel, the best selling author Sue Fortin has created a tense, absorbing thriller that will keep you hooked till the very end.

From an innocent storyline of a family split up at an early stage, to a darker, sinister storyline of secrets, betrayal and suspense, this book makes for a stunning read!

‘I went through so many emotions reading this book – the worst being panic and fear…a brilliant book’ – Crooks on Books

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