Snacks Party Box (775g) – Walkers, Doritos and Sensations Crisps

The number one best selling Snacks Party Box by Walkers, is a tasty selection of some of Walkers’ best crisp varieties. Available on Amazon here, the crisps are perfect for parties and get togethers.

Five Pack Selection

The Snacks Party Box contains a tasty variety of 5 different crisp flavours, and the box set makes for a great snack choice for a sharing occasion!

The snack selection contains: Doritos Cool Original, Doritos Tangy Cheese, Walkers Tear & Share Cheese and Onion, Walkers Mix Ups Spicy, and Sensations Californian Honey and Salt Peanuts.

Doritos, in a word, are simply delicious. This tasty tangy treat possess a crunchy texture, strong, intense flavours and a very handy triangle shape which makes sauce dipping a breeze.

The Walkers Tear & Share crisps make for a great tasting light snack which is made with 100% British potatoes and seasoned with Walkers’ famous flavours. This top snack is also a popular, well known staple on the British high street.

As for the Walkers Sensations, this addictively moreish snack possesses a delicious blend of intense savoury flavours mixed with a touch of delicate sweetness. This all results in a pleasantly surprising sweet and savoury twist.

The Snacks Party Box – includes Doritos, which are great for dipping
Great Party Food

The Snacks Party Box number one best selling treat makes for a great party snack selection for weekend get togethers.

The snacks are easy to store, carry and share, and the varied selection of Doritos, Walkers and Sensations crisps should provide a treat for every kind of palate!

These tasty snacks are often bought together with the Walkers Mixed Snack available on Amazon here. This selection is also a popular, delicious choice, with such party favourites as Cheesy Wotsits, Quavers, and Roast Beef flavour ‘French Fries.’

The Snacks Party Box – Provides a great selection for get togethers
Top Brand Quality

All in all, the top selling Snacks Party Box by Walkers contains some of the top, favourite flavours which are perfect for a get together or party event.

Walkers have been perfecting the delicious taste of Walkers crisps since 1948, and they are one of the top crisp manufacturers in the UK, with currently well over 50 percent of the British crisp market!

Walkers only use quality ingredients in their tasty snacks and their crisps have quite deservedly won them many accolades and praise over the years. The Snacks Party Box provides consumers with some of their top snack choices, and we here at Best Selling Products now are confident that should you purchase a box, you won’t be disappointed!

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