Voyo VBook V3 Pentium Version – Quad Core 1.1-2.5GHz Processor / 4GB/256GB Storage / 13.3 Inch / Windows 10 

The Voyo VBook V3 Pentium Version is an impressive, compact, notebook laptop, currently on sale at Geekbuying here at the current price of around GBP 410 / EUR 474 / USD 496. This lightweight notebook is a versatile, sleek and highly portable notebook laptop which is great for both light gaming and work alike.

Intel Apollo Lake N4200 Quad Core (1.1GHz – 2.5GHz) Processor

The Voyo VBook V3 Pentium Version, possesses an impressive Intel Apollo Lake N4200 Quad Core 1.1GHz-2.5GHz processor. This compact and capable Quad Core processor allows the notebook to rapidly and smoothly perform a variety of different processes and tasks, ranging from multitasking with various programs, to watching movies and indulging in a spot of light gaming.

Windows 10

Supporting the latest version of Windows 10, the Voyo VBook V3 Pentium Version provides an excellent user interface with a smooth, trouble free user experience. The latest OS provides an enjoyable working experience, with full, unfettered compatibility with Windows  documents and programmes – such as with Word, Excel and Office etc. For Windows related tips and tricks, click here.

Another nice touch, is that the notebook also comes with the Touch Stylus shown in the picture below. As a result, you are give more choice when it comes to inputting data and getting creative whilst working on your new device.

Intel HD Graphic Gen8

The Voyo VBook V3 Pentium Version is pretty great for portable gaming, and, when it comes to watching videos and playing games, it is noticeably faster and more capable than the previous generation of the HD Graphics card.

In terms of gaming laptops, this notebook is certainly capable of light gaming, however, if you want a more powerful, dedicated gaming laptop experience, an excellent alternative also is the ThundeRobot ST-Pro which you can purchase at Geekbuying here. This particular laptop is a more expensive device, yet it is arguably a more powerful laptop and great for those looking for a more powerful, game-centric device.



With a respectable 4GB of RAM + 256 GB of ROM, the Voyo VBook V3 Pentium Version, provides an ultra-fast net surfing experience, as well as a smooth and capable light 3D gaming experience.

Continuing further with the gaming aspect, the laptop will likely struggle to play some of the very top, graphically intense game titles out there, but when it comes to casual gaming, the notebook provides an excellent option for lightweight, gaming on the go, and it should provide a respectable 3D gaming experience for most casual gaming titles.

The notebook, however, certainly shines most when it comes to watching moves, and working and studying, as the device supports the Windows 10 OS, which is one of the best productivity tools out there.

Furthermore, should you discover that you require more storage space on your notebook, the device is also perfectly upgradeable, as you can also purchase SSD cards which go all the way up to 512 GB storage capacity.

13.3 Inch 1920 x 1080 FHD IPS Screen

The Voyo VBook V3 Pentium Version, possesses a very nice 1920 x 1080 pixel, FHD 10-point capacitive IPS screen, which provides a crisp, vibrant viewing experience.

Whether you are watching films, or simply just working on the notebook, you should be pleasantly surprised by the spacious, wide and colourful viewing experience that the notebook provides.


2.0MP Front Camera & 2.0MP Rear Camera

The Voyo VBook V3 Pentium Version, also possesses an excellent camera which is integrated into the body of the device.

With an integrated, 2.0MP, auto-focus rear camera for taking photos and videos, and a 2.0MP front facing camera for video calls (and selfies), the notebook provides an excellent, clear and vivid video capture capability.

Large, Long-Lasting Battery

In terms of the notebook’s capability for productivity, the Voyo VBook V3 Pentium Version, provides a large 12000mAH battery which gives the notebook a very respectable running time of around 7-9 hours battery life.

Impressively, the notebook also provides the long lasting battery life without any loud-running fans.

All in all, for the relatively low price, the Voyo VBook V3 Pentium Version, is a sleek, Touch Stylus-supporting, compact and capable notebook choice for work, study, and light gaming on the go.

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