Real Techniques Core Collection Kit

The number one best selling Real Techniques Core Collection Kit, available on Amazon here, is a must-have beauty makeup brush collection that gives you the tools you need to create that coveted flawless skin look.

Four Full Size Brushes

The Real Techniques Core Collection Kit makes for an excellent beauty accessory with its four full size brushes and sleek, stylish and compact carry case.

The kit contains a detailer brush for applying concealer, a buffing brush – which is great for setting your foundation – and a pointed foundation brush which helps to create a liquid foundation coverage on the skin.

The kit also contains a contour brush which helps to create definition when applying a bronzer, or creating a blush effect on the cheeks.

Tools For An Optimal Canvas

The Real Techniques Core Collection Kit contains all the accessories you need to create an optimal canvas, and this multifaceted beauty kit will certainly help you to look your best this Spring!

The kit contains colour coded brushes which help greatly when staying organised during the makeup application process. Essentially, each colour responds to a set stage of the make up application process, and so this helps you to stay organised when applying your make up.

This best selling kit essentially contains all the coverage essentials that you need (especially when on the go). However, if you are looking for an even more comprehensive kit – The Real Techniques Core Collection and Starter Kit Duo – is also available on Amazon here. On top of the Core Collection, the combined kit includes a Starter Kit which features five full size brushes and a carry case, for additional accessory goodness!

The Real Techniques Core Collection Kit – includes a nice case
Foldable Case = Makeup Stand

The Real Techniques Core Collection Kit makes makeup application a lot easier as the black brush case can fold up and double up as a mini makeup stand.

This simple but helpful feature, is especially nice when doing your makeup when out and about and away from your complete work station back at home!

100% Cruelty Free Brushes

A nice touch also, is that the brushes used in the Real Techniques Core Collection Kit are made with Taklon bristles, which are ultra plush and 100% cruelty free.

Sadly, in this modern day and age, animal cruelty is all too often part and parcel of the fashion industry but at least with this product, you can feel rest assured that the product is completely cruelty free.

The Real Techniques Core Collection Kit – tools for an optimal canvas
Pro Tools For Pro Results

The Real Techniques Core Collection Kit has been developed by makeup artist and beauty blogger Sam Chapman, who is featured regularly on the ‘realtechniques’ YouTube channel.

Sam is an established expert on beauty tips and techniques, and according to the results of an in-depth study (Pixability’s study ‘Beauty on Youtube 2015’), Sam’s Real Technique’s brand, as promoted via her ‘realtechniques’ YouTube channel, is currently the number one makeup brush brand on YouTube. Should you wish to check out Sam’s YouTube channel, you can check it out here.

As for the product itself, overall, the Real Techniques Core Collection Kit, is a very nice accessory for the ladies and it is essentially a practical, compact, and sleek little beauty kit which has been developed by an established expert in the industry. This handy kit will provide you with all the tools you need to create that flawless skin look – anytime, anyplace!

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