Nikon D3300 Digital SLR Camera – Black

The Nikon D3300 available from Amazon here, is an excellent, lightweight and simple to use 24.2-megapixel D-SLR camera. The large image sensor captures the finest details with stunning sharpness and superior low-light performance (up to ISO 12,800), allowing you to shoot crystal-clear images, even in dark situations.

Guide Mode

If D-SLR photography is a relatively new concept to you or want to learn more, Guide Mode offers step-by-step assistance to help you understand your camera better. When you’re done snapping photos and you’re ready to share them, Nikon’s optional Wireless Mobile Adapter makes it easy to upload your pics to your favourite sites via a smart device.

Incredible Detail

Specifically designed without an optical low-pass filter (OLPF), the D3300’s image sensor makes the most of its 24.2-megapixel resolution to sharply capture even the finest textures and render images with incredibly crisp detail. If you’re looking for a higher resolution camera, you might want to check out the Samsung NX1.

Special Effects

With 13 different effects to choose from, the D3300 makes it easy to add a touch of artistry to your photos and movies. Simply select Effects Mode and choose the option you want to apply before shooting. Try Pop to brighten colours; fit the whole view in with Easy Panorama; or use Toy Camera to create a retro effect.

Keeps Everything In Focus

The camera’s razor-sharp 11-point AF system ensures that no matter how quickly or erratically your subject is moving, the D3300 keeps everything in focus. The razor-sharp 11-point autofocus system locks onto the subject and keeps it in focus.

Sharp HD

Use the Nikon D3300’s D-Movie function to record great quality, sharp Full HD video in any light with frame rates up to 50p/60p with continuous autofocus,giving the recordings a remarkable level of sharpness and clarity.

One-Touch Buttons

You can bypass the main menu using dedicated one-touch buttons. The i button on the rear of the camera allows you to quickly switch settings while shooting. When using the viewfinder, you can select the classic interface, or use a graphic interface that animates settings.

Optical Viewfinder

Shooting through the D3300’s clear, wide viewfinder makes it easy to capture perfectly timed photographs, especially when shooting fast-moving subjects from a distance. Nikon’s renowned NIKKOR lenses give the D3300 vivid colour and striking contrast.

Comfortable And Practical

Weighing only 410g, the D3300 is a lightweight and practical Digital SLR camera. Despite its compact dimensions, a large comfortable grip makes it easy to hold the camera steady as you capture vibrant images of special  moments, wherever they take place. Currently priced at $446.95 plus shipping (down from $499.95) at Amazon via the link below, the D3300 makes for a functional, high quality and easy to use digital camera.

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