Quest Nutrition Protein Bar – (12 x 60g) Double Chocolate Chunk – Dated Nov 2016

The top selling Quest Nutrition Protein Bar available on eBay here, is a delicious, high protein snack that is especially great for those who are into fitness or bodybuilding. With a delicious Double Chocolate Chunk flavour, this high protein snack is as delicious as it is wholesome!

High Protein

The Quest Nutrition Protein Bar uses cross flow filtered whey protein isolate, which is currently the most expensive and highest quality protein in the world.

Many elite athletes choose the Quest brand just for this reason, as many other protein bars use inferior quality soy blends or low quality whey protein.

As a result, with the Quest Nutrition Protein Bar you can rest assured that you are receiving only the very best protein to help facilitate maximal muscle building and muscle recovery potential.

Quality Nutritional Content

As well as only using the very best quality protein, the Quest Nutrition Protein Bar does not contain any fillers or junk ingredients. All the flavours are not only arguably the best tasting bars on the market, they are filled with quality nutritional content.

As a result, you can happily indulge in a delicious yet great nutritional supplement, whilst knowing that you are not damaging your fitness goals by consuming low quality nutritional snacks.


The Quest Nutrition Protein Bar – world leading protein
No Time To Cook?

As most athletes and fitness enthusiasts are aware, if one is to achieve one’s optimal fitness goals, nutrition needs to go hand in hand with training. With that being said, the Quest Nutrition Protein Bar is effectively a great fitness accessory to help you build muscle and aid in muscle recovery.

Protein is vital for muscle recovery, and whilst real, wholesome food is always the best form of nutrition for athletes, high protein snacks and supplements do have their place in the hectic, modern world. Should you live a busy lifestyle with little time to cook, or if you just occassionally find yourself in a rush, these bars make for a great snack on the go.

Should you fancy trying out some other flavours of Quest Bar, this tasty snack is also available in a scrumptious White Chocolate Raspberry flavour, which you can check out on eBay here.

The Quest Nutrition Protein Bar – high quality nutrition
Low Carbohydrate

The Quest Nutrition Protein Bar possesses just 6 grams of active carbs and they are 100% gluten free.

If you are a bodybuilder on a low-carbohydrate ‘cutting’ diet, or if you are simply a fitness enthusiast following a low carbohydrate fitness nutrition plan, this protein bar can provide you will a low carb snack option to fit into your nutrition macros!

Cheat Clean

In summary, the Quest Nutrition Protein Bar is a truly delicious top selling high protein snack which uses only quality ingredients, and literally world class protein.

Many other snacks use chemicals and junk ‘filler’ ingredients, which provide little to no nutritional content to the consumer. As a result, such snacks provide no real nutritional value to the athlete or fitness enthusiast, and thus no real benefit to their fitness goals.

With the Quest Nutrition Protein Bar however, you can rest assured that you are receiving only quality ingredients from a trusted and respected sports nutrition brand. The best part of it  all, however, is that the snack is perfectly fine for most fitness nutrition plans as the snack is high protein, low carb and best of all – delicious!

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