TOMY Hide N Squeak Eggs

The number one best selling Hide N Squeak Eggs by TOMY, are an innovative children’s  toy designed for young children from the ages of 6 months and up. Available on Amazon here, this captivating toy is not only very fun for young children but it has added design benefits to aid in a child’s manual dexterity and recognition of shapes and colours.

Chirpy Eggs – No Batteries Required

Hidden inside every one of the Hide N Squeak Eggs is a chirpy little chick! A child can play with the eggs themselves and then crack them open to reveal the brightly coloured chicks.

The best part, however, is that the chicks provide a fun little interactive element to the toy, as the child can press the baby chicks on their heads and they proceed to make a happy ‘cheep-cheep!’ sound. The best part is that no batteries are required!

Match The Colours

As the child gradually grows and develops, the eggs offer a deeper level of interactivity and challenge as the child can learn to match the colours of the shells to the cheeky chicks inside.

On top of the colour aspect, the eggs also contain different face combinations to add a further captivating aspect to the toy.

TOMY Hide N Squeak Eggs – provide several layers of challenge
Match The Shapes

As the child continues to develop intellectually with age and with interactive experiences, the eggs provide further challenges and hidden surprises that will no doubt encourage the child to mess about with this toy for hours.

A fun deeper aspect to the toy is that the child can begin to work out that each egg has its own unique space in the box. Furthermore, as each egg has its own unique shaped base inside the egg box, once all of the eggs have been played with, it’s up to the child to work out where each egg needs to go!

The deeper aspects to the toy is partly what makes the Hide N Squeak Eggs such a popular toy for young children. There are, however, other excellent, captivating, interactive toys available, such as the the Fisher-Price Chatter Telephone (available on Amazon here) which possesses captivating phone ringing sounds and eyes that move up and down when the phone is pulled along.

TOMY Hide N Squeak Eggs – both fun and useful as a developmental aid
Cognitive Development

Possibly the best aspect to the Hide N Squeak Eggs is that the toy aids in a child’s development.

Via the toy’s promotion and facilitation of shape recognition, the toy effectively aids in the development of the child’s manual dexterity. Furthermore, the toy is useful as an early educational and developmental aid as it also assists in the child’s recognition of both colours and shapes, and thus, effectively encourages hand-eye coordination.

A Trusted Brand

The Hide N Squeak Eggs are from the trusted TOMY toy brand which has a wide range of innovative, high quality and popular nursery products and toys. As a result, parents can rest assured that they are purchasing only a quality product for their child.

As for these fun little eggs, they are effectively a multi-faceted toy with tremendous fidgeting potential for young children. Furthermore, this innovative, best selling toy also helps with a child’s cognitive development, whilst still providing countless hours of challenging, imaginative fun!

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